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Couple entering their new home Couple entering their new home

3 types of visitors you may encounter

Published on October 9, 2019

Your first visitors are at the door? Take a deep breath and relax. Not everyone who shows interest in your home will make an offer to purchase straight away.

You’ll meet visitors with different personalities and goals. It’s all part of the process. Read on to discover the three types of visitors you may encounter:

1. Looky-loos

First, there will be visitors who have no real intention of buying your home. These are often people from your area who are interested in the real estate market. They might be thinking of selling their home in the near future and want to see what you have to offer and at what price. Ultimately, they want to find out how much they can hope to get for their home. 

How to recognize them: Unlike potential buyers, who tend to ask a lot of questions, looky-loos will stay mostly silent. Even if you try to question them a little, they’ll remain evasive about their intentions.

How to act with them: To avoid wasting your time, we recommend prequalifying buyers. You can check how serious potential buyers are by asking a few questions before letting them visit. 

2. Shoppers

You will see a lot of these. That’s natural. Most people visit several homes before making a decision. Their main goal is to become familiar with the market and find a good deal.

How to recognize them: They will tour your home with interest and ask several questions, including about the price. They want to check if you’re open to negotiating and may very well contact you after the visit to get additional information.

How to act with them: These are potential buyers. While they may not seem all that enthusiastic during the first visit, don’t get discouraged. They’re in the process of assessing homes and weighing their options. Make sure you’re offering an attractive product at a competitive price, because they’ll be comparing before making a final choice.

3. Those who are already sold

These visitors are rare: when they leave, you’ll know a sale is imminent! They’ve already fallen in love with your property and are simply visiting to confirm that they’ve finally found their dream home.

How to recognize them: By their enthusiasm! They’ve read your listing in full and already know a great deal about your property. They recognize elements they found charming in the photos and point them out.

How to act with them: Take nothing for granted. Be persuasive, answer their questions confidently and show off your home’s best assets. Then, prepare the Offer to Purchase document because you’ll probably need it!

While they may have similar characteristics, every buyer is different. Get ready to meet people with different preferences and needs. But now, if you open the door to a looky-loo, shopper or person who is already sold on your property, you’ll have a good idea of how to act with them. All you’ll need to do is to adapt to their personality.