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What are the real estate experts doing during COVID-19?

Before the start of the crisis, you might have already received an offer to purchase or you might have been getting ready to move into your new home. So it’s normal to have questions about the various steps of the real estate transaction.

Read on to find out what’s going on with real estate professionals during the COVID-19 period.

The DuProprio team

Every time a new measure has been announced by the authorities, DuProprio has been able to adapt its service offer accordingly. Having all of our teams work from home allows us to stay at our clients’ side during this crisis. Whether you need advice about putting your property on the market or have questions about setting the asking price or about legal documents, our advisors, real estate coaches, notaries and appraisers continue to be just a phone call away, ready to help owners with their goal of selling their property.

Our representatives, who had been presenting our services by phone or videoconference during the confinement period, are now back on the road since real estate activities have resumed. Naturally, they have very clear instructions to follow during their visits to our clients’ homes, to comply with the hygiene and social distancing measures required by the authorities.

Chartered appraisers

After a forced shutdown that began on March 23, building inspectors went back to work on April 20, at the same time as construction sites reopened.

Thus, the Quebec Association of Building Inspectors (OEAQ) (in French only) is authorizing its members to carry out indoor and outdoor inspections for the residential properties impacted by this measure; they must however respect the safety and social distancing measures issued by the government.

Know that DuProprio’s team of appraisers is continuing to develop—remotely— tools that will help with client appraisals.

Building inspectors

Such as chartered appraisers, building inspectors went back to work on April 20.

The Quebec Association of Building Inspectors is asking its members to wear protective equipment on their visits, among other measures. In addition, only the owner may be present during the inspection and must respect the social distancing measures, staying 2 metres away from the inspector at all times.

Land surveyors

Like appraisers and inspectors, professional land surveyors have been authorized to perform surveying work for residential construction projects.

Surveying services related to notarized requests, for instance producing the certificate of localisation needed for a property’s deed of sale, are considered by the government to be a priority activity. The Ordre des arpenteurs-géomètres du Québec (in French only) is therefore authorizing members who so desire, to offer this service. 


A few hours after the authorities indicated which services were deemed essential, notaries were added to the list. This decision allows notaries to continue work on real estate transactions that need to be concluded. They received instructions to carry out more of their activities remotely while respecting their obligations and strictly applying the physical distancing directives.

However, the Chambre des notaires du Québec is allowing each individual member to decide whether to close or stay open. It is therefore a good idea to check with the notary in charge of your real estate transaction to see how they wish to proceed.


Like notaries, movers have been deemed an essential service. That said, the rules of physical distancing must still be followed, by the companies and their employees as well as by the people requiring their services.

How to have a stress-free move during the pandemic

In short, it’s still possible to buy a home during the coronavirus period, notably thanks to the available technology.