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Is now a good time to sell?

The real estate industry has been fortunate to be able to keep up its activities through the successive waves of the pandemic. Since housing is an essential need, home showings to sell or rent out a property are still permitted but must continue to respect the hygiene measures put in place by the public health authorities.

The decree the Quebec government issued in 2020 states that it is permitted to invite someone into your home for “a visit for the sale or lease of a residence.”

Remember that the pandemic has created unprecedented consumer hype. The inventory of properties for sale has been low in Quebec since the start of the pandemic, but so long as there are still so many buyers, the pressure on the market will continue to be to the sellers’ advantage.

As a rule, most buyers plan to move in the spring, so putting one’s property up for sale in winter will maximize the pool of buyers. “Whether in lockdown or not, buyers who need to relocate never stop looking,” explains Martin Desfossés, real estate coach at DuProprio. “With online listings, photos and 3D virtual tours, they can continue to do this remotely. So, property owners who are planning to sell should position their home optimally on the market.”

Finally, almost all our teams have been working from home since the beginning of the health crisis, so we are prepared to continue serving you seven days a week. Also, our representatives follow very strict guidelines when visiting our clients' homes, to ensure the meeting and photo-taking are done safely.

Planning a safe visit

Planning visits with pre-qualified buyers is the safest way to proceed. First, we advise owners to start the process by speaking with potential buyers by phone, email or video call. Martin Desfossés, real estate coach at DuProprio, recommends the following: “After going over the listing together, you can discuss aspect like the desired occupancy date, whether the sale would be conditional on the buyer selling their home and whether the property meets the buyer’s needs and budget.”

If the conversation is conclusive and a visit is the next step, it is important to respect the hygiene measures issued by the public health authorities. In addition to checking the health status of the people present, only one person will be able to visit the property at a time. Since maintaining a two-metre distance can sometimes be difficult in a house or condo, it is strongly recommended that all parties wear a mask.

Have questions about our services or about selling a property under the current conditions? Call our advisors at 1-866-387-7677. They will be happy to answer any questions you may have!