2 bedrooms
1 bathroom
1 level
Lot dimensions 30 acres (1 306 800.00 ft²)

Owners’ comments

Exceptional site on the mountainside. Moose and deer ... natural trails. Waterfalls, spring water.

Cottage to renovate, vested since 1981 - 30 acres -

Land of 60 m x 1800 meters deep

5 min from Percé with a car. 8000$ invested on the access road to the chalet.

3rd and last mountain after Mount Sainte-Anne in Percé. Exeptional view on the sea from very high. Micro climate. No bugs!

Bee interpretation center at the entrance on the 556.

Need to sell as soon as possible. Call me or send me a email.

Complete Description
Complete Description

Property features

Property Style
Backyard Faces

Floor coverings:

  • Soft wood

Heating source:

  • Wood stove


  • Residential area

Near Commerce:

  • Drugstore
  • Financial institution
  • Restaurant
  • Shopping Center

Near Recreational Services:

  • Library
  • Museum
  • Pedestrian path

Near Tourist Services:

  • National Park

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No. 383884

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