JSCO Immobilier

6506 rue Valade
Ste-Rose  H7L 4L4

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Urban redevelopment

JSCO's mission is to support urban redevelopment. Our main objective is to revalue urban land by making responsible decisions in order to make land and future buildings comply with current environmental and municipal standards. We choose local, environmentally friendly materials and we use healthy products for both workers and occupants. In addition to revitalizing a neighborhood, this approach contributes to the development and sustainable development objectives of cities in addition to promoting access to home ownership for as many people as possible.

Proudly renowned.

JSCO is a company with an exemplary reputation working in the field of new residential construction since 2004. Its founding president, Mr. Stéphane Jacques, comes from an important family of builders in Victoriaville, in the Bois-Francs region. An engineer who graduated from Laval University in Quebec in 1997, Mr. Jacques has built more than 800 condo units since the creation of JSCo Inc., distinguished himself in terms of architecture, technology and know-how. Resolutely avant-garde, our achievements are at the cutting edge of the construction industry. We know that creating prestigious homes requires remarkable expertise and exceptional attention to detail. The result is living spaces that are functional, comfortable and safe.

Quality, a fundamental marker

We make every effort to meet the highest expectations of our customers, even in the choice of our business partners and the various professions. The pride and success of our organization are also based on our team of experienced professionals united by a passion for a job well done. By focusing first and foremost on quality, we ensure that we deliver projects of remarkable value, both through their refined design and durable construction, as well as through their accessibility and careful execution.