1997 Avenue Francis-Hughes
Chomedey  H7S 2G2

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Sam founded Saga in 1998 and invested in the first building. His beginnings were very modest with this duplex on Saint-Antoine Street. However, this first success was going to give him the boost and Sam has since increased his investments. Far beyond the financial dimension, it is the ability to project itself into the needs of its tenants that has made Saga successful. Each tenant, whether residential or commercial, became an opportunity for Sam to refine his knowledge of people's needs. Each new building allowed him to apply his new knowledge. This is how he developed his expertise. This desire to meet the needs of its residential and commercial tenants has led Saga to build new buildings. Being able to express his vision from A to Z has always been a goal for Sam. This turning point in the life of the company coincided with the moment when it changed its name to Plan A. Sam is still as committed to what made him successful. So, while new buildings will be added over the years, it is important for Sam to keep the buildings he acquired over the past 20 years. In 2019, Plan A means more than 2,000 quality homes at the best possible price. It is a diversified real estate portfolio that includes buildings with 8 apartments to large-scale commercial spaces, including the latest large-scale projects in Pierrefonds, Laval and Vaudreuil