Realstar Management Partnership

3400 Boulevard Saint-Elzéar Ouest
Chomedey  H7P 0K3

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The Company:
Since the founding of the company 40 years ago, the co-founders of Realstar have been recognized as one of the most enduring partnerships in the real estate industry in Canada. We offer all of our partnerships and clients the same level of continuity, honesty and integrity. Founded by Jonas Prince and Wayne Squibb, Realstar was created to address Canada's need for high-quality, affordable residential rental properties. Since then, the company has grown to become one of the largest private owner-operators of residential rental properties, with more than 25,000 units across the country. Even more important to us, we provide residents with an award-winning service that is recognized for success. Our successes in the housing sector have paved the way for several projects in the hospitality sector in Canada, Asia, the United States and the Caribbean.

As active and passionate owners and managers, we rarely take on a passive role in our investments. Our roadmap recounts a wealth of experience that punctuates our real estate transactions through creative partnership strategies, ongoing management activities and unique structuring initiatives.