What do you mean by HDR photos?

Why HDR photos?

You’ve probably noticed that indoor photos taken with an ordinary camera don’t seem to capture all the nuance of reality. That’s mainly because of variations in light intensity.

With a regular photo, exterior shots tend to have an absence of detail and interior shots appear faded.

An HDR photo is more like what you would see if you were actually in the room. The exterior details are visible, colours are more vibrant, reflections are better defined and photos are more crisp. Simply put, HDR photos let you show your property in the best light.

How is it done?

HDR is the acronym for high dynamic range - meaning that the image contains the entire range of light information available. The technique behind HDR involves merging multiple photographs with varying exposure times to create a new image which is more crisp, clear highly defined and accurate.

Because certain photos in the sequence make it possible to see the exterior and others the interior, we can combine this information intelligently to obtain a better image.

We’re pleased to offer this cutting-edge technology so that you can post photos that are a true reflection of your property.

Because some pictures in the sequence show the exterior while some others show the interior of the room, the information can be combined to create a better image.