Lot dimensions 663 057 ft² (61 600.01 m²)

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Very large lot (Mountain) near the St. Lawrence River

St-Simon of Rimouski

Sites bordering the St. Lawrence River are becoming more and more rare, here is one with a panoramic northwest view, from a height, towards the St. Lawrence River, 1000 feet from the water's edge, giving access to magnificent sunsets. This land is located between Rimouski and Rivière-du-Loup, in St-Simon-sur-Mer, on Route de la Grève (Chemin de la Municipalité). Hydro Quebec electrical wires pass in front of and at the bottom of this lot on Route de la Grève, as well as Telus internet and telephone cables


Being located in a resort and residential area, you can make it a dream estate for yourself or divide it into several lots for sale, this mountain can allow the construction of a few houses at the level of Route de la Grève and a few chalets in the mountains, with a panoramic northwest view, in height, towards the Saint-Laurent River, 1000 feet from the water's edge. This land does not include the one located north of the Route de la Grève. overlooking the water's edge


To view this land on the internet, see at the bottom of this text "Procedure to follow on Google to view the land for sale" at the bottom of this text. On the neighboring land on the left (to the west), there is a path traced into the mountain giving access to 6 lots already sold. It is possible to more easily do the equivalent on this land for sale.

This land has an area of 61,600 m2 (663,057 ft2), or 215 m (708 ft) wide (east-west) on the municipality's asphalt road (Route de la Grève) by 321 m (1053 ft) deep (1053 ft) deep (north-south) going to the top of the mountain.

This land can be described in three parts:

1. The first part of the land, near Chemin de la Grève, forms a triangle. It is 215 m (708 ft) wide (east-west) by 62 m (200 ft) deep (east side) by 62 m (200 ft) deep (east side) tapering to the west of the field


2. The highest part of some 6 m (20 ft) above Chemin de la Grève, has a depth of about 122 m (400 ft) (north-south). It starts in the east and climbs diagonally to the line of the neighboring land located 215 m (708 ft) to the west. A path could be made all along this slope to go to the top of this part of land. It is by going up that you have a panoramic view of the St. Lawrence River, over the trees below.

3. The deepest part of the land rises to the top of the mountain.

This land is located 6 kilometers from the village of Saint-Simon, 15 kilometers from Trois-Pistoles and 55 kilometers from Rimouski or Rivière-du-Loup.

N.B. Some advantages of owning this huge land;

1) you can occupy the entire land to make it a large estate where it is good to live in tranquility and beauty.

2) you can build your cottage in the highest part in order to enjoy the magnificent view of the St. Lawrence River and its sunsets and, in order to help you pay for the purchase of this land, sell the part of the land described above in 1, overlooking the Municipal Road.

3) You can also subdivide this land into several lots, much like the owner of the land next to mine did. To see it, follow the procedure I suggest below.

Procedure to follow on Google to view the land for sale

1. On Google, write "Azimut GoNet


2. Click on "GONET-Azimut Geomatic Solutions Online Services


3. Enter "Saint-Simon" and click on "11 055 Saint-Simon (M)" under


4. Click on "Role and matrix (SIG)".

5. On the left side of the screen, at the top, click on the Q magnifying glass and enter the 4336201 terrain matrix. There is the land for sale located, i.e. the land located at the bottom of the screen where the number 4336201 appears


6. Click on the dark blue "Printer" icon in the left column.

7. Then, "PDF creation" appears. Click on the "CARD" square and the "Role" square. Click on "CREATE"

8. Click on "OPEN PDF FILE." Then two sheets appear, the first of which is the photo of the land circled in pale green located at the bottom of the screen and a second entitled "Property Assessment Role". "Unit of Assessment Identification" indicates that the "predominant use" for this land is "COTTAGE OR VACATION HOME". The buyer must still contact the municipal inspector of St-Simon to ensure this predominant use

Complete Description
Complete Description

Property features

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Lot description:

  • Panoramic view
  • Water view
  • Mountain geography
  • Ocean view
  • Beach access
  • Mature trees
  • electricity
  • building lot
  • slope


  • Rock

Near Educational Services:

  • Elementary school
  • High School


  • No backyard neighbors
  • Residential area

Near Commerce:

  • Supermarket
  • Drugstore
  • Bank
  • Restaurant
  • Shopping Center

Near Health Services:

  • Hospital
  • Dentist

Near Recreational Services:

  • Golf resort
  • Library
  • Ski resort
  • Cycling path

Near Tourist Services:

  • National Park

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Residential Lot for sale

105 route de la Grève

St-Simon-De-Rimouski Bas-Saint-Laurent

No. 1039350

Available now
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Contact the owner