Les Constructions MCL

1150-2 chemin de Montréal Ouest
Gatineau  J8M 2A9
License number: 5634-9301-01
Accreditation: Qualité Habitation

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Constructions MCL is a young company that is expanding rapidly in the Gatineau region. Its success is based on the originality of its futuristic models offered to you as well as the high quality of the materials used. The prices are very competitive, proof that quality is not inaccessible to smaller budgets


The Les Constructions MCL team is there to suggest the home that best suits your taste and needs.

Constructions MCL aims to target the real needs of its customers. A new home is more than a residence, it is first and foremost a home where it is good to find your way around. This is why the company focuses so much on the experience that the customer will have during the preparation of estimates for their future home


Know-how, just like soft skills, are vital qualities to give each client the most exceptional experience. Quality, honesty and the desire to satisfy the customer are goals that motivate the team to stand out at every meeting with a buyer


Recipient of the ACQ Building Prize: