Les Entreprises Lachance

663 rue de Charlemagne
Sherbrooke  J1N 0S9
License number: RBQ 8109-7651-08
Accreditation: Palme platine APCHQ

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A new house within reach of all budgets

Young families and couples who want to buy a new home can turn to Lachance Enterprises, whose expertise in residential construction is well established. Drummondville, Waterloo, Sherbrooke and the regions of Rock-Forest, St-Élie d'Orford, Fleurimont, Deauville, Lennoxville and Mont-Bellevue, are full of housing projects with interesting and accessible lots for sale for all budgets.

Choice of several house models and various styles

Les Entreprises Lachance has a large inventory of new homes for sale, as well as an impressive selection of land for sale in Sherbrooke and surrounding areas, Drummondville and Waterloo. All new homes built by Lachance Enterprises are high quality buildings that meet stringent construction standards. They have earned the maximum AA rating of the Residential Construction Guarantee. Les Entreprises Lachance offers you a wide range of new home models to satisfy all tastes:

  • modern homes
  • contemporary homes
  • classical houses
  • country houses

Each new house, being tailor-made and according to the client's budget, becomes a personalized project and respects the turnkey concept. Regardless of the preferred model (single-family home, semi-detached house, townhouse, or multi-unit housing), Entreprises Lachance knows how to guide young families and couples to buy a new home that meets their expectations while respecting their real needs.

Dare to inquire

Do not hesitate to contact Lachance Enterprises to find out about all the possible solutions for buying a home:

  • Sell your current home to buy a new home from Les Entreprises Lachance and benefit from a reduced real estate agent commission rate
  • Resumption of lease
  • relocate temporarily while your new home is being built

A new house that reflects your image

Les Entreprises Lachance allows you to make your dream come true and advises you on the development of a house that suits you. Several house models are available with a varied living area. From the new house model to 2 bedrooms, 3 bedrooms or 4 bedrooms, the possibilities are endless to meet the expectations of a clientele with diverse needs.

Land for sale

Lachance Enterprises has the largest selection of land in the Sherbrooke, Drummondville and Waterloo Regions! You are looking for land.. see our Housing Projects section and invest in the land! Nearly 200 lots for sale with all services for residential construction. We offer you a turnkey service or we only sell the land for your future project.

Tenant? Become an owner

Discover how you too may be able to buy your own home with Les Entreprises Lachance.