Maisons Charplexe inc.

7014 Cartier
Villeray / St-Michel / Parc-Extension  H2E 2J1
License number: 8259-0142-45
Accreditation: APCHQ (Abritat)

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Les Maisons Charplexe is an experienced entrepreneur in residential construction, but it is also a big family! The depth of this union transcends in the quality of the service offered.

Since 1995, he has been busy constructing different types of buildings, detached or semi-detached cottages, townhouses, triplexes, quadruplexes, sixplexes and condos for a clientele that wants more. More than 2500 housing units found their way into Laval and on the North Shore at a rate that accelerated from the turn of the century.

The success of Maisons Charplexe is due to impeccable customer service and exceptional after-sales service. The high satisfaction rate of our customers is a clear indication of this. Inevitably, they become ambassadors for Maisons Charplexe.

Each Charplexe House project is unique. That's why we've always been keen to build your house as if it were ours.

We prioritize the living space that families need. We invest in interior design, knowing the preferences of customers who prioritize a comfortable, adapted and functional living environment. We optimize space by designing rooms that are open and high. Kitchen, living room, family room and bedrooms, no room is overlooked or left behind. Again, even the dimensions of the bathroom surpass the standard frames.