Getting the home inspected

Home buyers can request a pre-purchase inspection before making an offer on a property. This allows the buyer to know more about the condition of the home and to know if any repairs or renovations need to be made.

How to choose a home inspector?

A home inspector can be an engineer, a building technician, an architect or a construction professional.

The Association des consommateurs pour la qualité en construction recommends that you check any home inspector’s references and make sure that he or she has a valid professional insurance in order to protect yourself from errors and omissions.

The home inspection process

The buyer has the right to be present for the home inspection and ask any questions or get any clarifications of the inspector’s observations.

The home inspector will check the following:

  • Structure (foundations, floors, walls and ceilings)
  • Fixtures (siding, doors, windows and balconies)
  • The roof (gutters and surfacing)
  • The interior of the home (staircases, closets, etc.)
  • The insulation
  • The mechanics of the building (plumbing, electricity, heating, cooling and ventilation)
  • The exterior of the home and the landscaping
  • Stoves and fireplaces

A written home inspection report should be provided once the inspection is completed.