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How to make a staycation really feel like a vacation

Published on July 21, 2022

Summer is the time for fun. If this year’s plans don't include long-distance travel or exotic beaches, that’s no reason not to make the absolute most of your summer. With a little imagination, you have everything at hand to create the perfect holiday destination in your own backyard. 

Get inspired by these creative ideas from our clients and by the latest trends. 


Set up your yard to feel like you’re on vacation 

We take great care in decorating the inside of our home, to create inviting spaces. So why not do the same with the outside? It is, after all, the perfect spot to enjoy the fresh air and fine weather. The first step in making this an unforgettable summer is to tweak your yard to make it an oasis. 

Chairs: A world of possibilities 

Just as dining room chairs are a must to enjoy a good meal in good company, there are tons of other options to make your outdoors more relaxing and welcoming. Do you have an in-ground pool? Select attractive lounge chairs that will let you be comfortable between dips.

If you’re short on space, folding and stacking (or even inflatable!) chairs, like zero-gravity or Adirondack chairs can be stored easily and are perfect for reading, snoozing or having a drink, while not keeping track of the time.  

To feel like you’re in the tropics, hang a hammock or install a swinging chair. The hammock is best over the lawn or a carpet, while the swinging chair (the perfect cross between a sofa and a hammock) is better off protected from the rain, either under a tree or on a porch.  

Be the host!

Lasting memories always involve those we love. Turn your yard into an ideal spot for gatherings of friends and family by making it multipurpose and appealing. 

Create separate zones: Use every square inch of your backyard to create different ambiances and tailor the space according to your desires. A few ideas:  

  • Put out a bistro set on the lawn to enjoy brunch or your morning coffee.
  • If you use a long dining table, protect it from the weather and insects under a pavilion or canopy.
  • Pave an area with stones and add a fireplace for cooler evenings.
  • Think comfort first with outdoor sofas: a perfect spot for drinks!
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Think décor: Choosing a theme or a colour palette for your outdoor space lets you create continuity between the various areas. Create a resort or travel theme with colourful accessories, fabrics, cushions or patio umbrellas in tropical colours. 


Add in some entertainment: For fun parties or to keep the family entertained, outdoor games and pools are just phenomenal. Your afternoons will pass in the blink of an eye if you set up one or two games in the yard, for instance, croquet or Viking bowling. If you have the budget and space for it, why not consider installing a tennis court or skateboard ramp?

Think atmosphere: To recreate the ambience of a hotel pool, the first step is to have a great playlist. Install speakers designed for the outdoors or use a portable speaker you can use inside and outside year-round. The second step? Have a tropical cocktail or refreshing iced tea in your hand! Why not build a bar area in your yard, or get a bar cart that you can keep stocked with your favourite drinks and snacks? That will keep you from having to go in and out of the house, leaving you more quality time with your guests. 

Focus on cool and relaxed 

For a great vacation without travelling, you need a place to relax and to get out of the blazing sun on those hot summer days. Here are a few ideas: 

Pool or spa: These classics never go out of style and make kids and adults happy. And they’re available in a range of sizes.  

Backyard - Listing No 1012130 DuProprio

Water features (fountain, pond, etc.): The sound of running water can make any space, small or large, more relaxing and block out the sounds of traffic and AC units.  

Pavilion or pergola: Whether they’re permanent or temporary, they offer protection from the rain and sun and are aesthetically pleasing. 

Backyard Listing No 1012115

Plants and garden: To create a tropical look, there’s nothing better than adding large colourful plants to your landscaping. A vegetable garden is more work but comes with some nice benefits: fresh produce and a decorative element. 

Nighttime yard 

A vacation means no alarm clock. It’s the time to stay up late and enjoy summer to the max. When the sun is setting and temperatures cool, there’s nothing more pleasant than gathering friends and family around an outdoor fireplace and roasting marshmallows. 

Backyard Listing No 1011942

If your municipality doesn’t allow you to have fires in your backyard, you can still make your vacation summer evenings memorable with soft lighting. Lanterns, strings of lights, or lights in the trees: there are endless possibilities for creating magical moments under the stars. 

Staycation activity ideas 

Once your yard is set up for your vacation, it’s time to think of activities to fill your days. Why not create a schedule for the week, selecting a theme and activity zones? 

Let your creativity guide you. Or pick from our list of favourites: 

  • Camp out in the yard
  • Choose a country or city and cook a special exotic meal
  • Establish a training or yoga routine in the yard
  • Search for insects or small animals that live in your outdoor space
  • Organize games, such as water games, for the kids
  • Have an at-home spa day
  • Install a big screen and watch a movie outside
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One thing is certain: spending your vacation at home is no reason to be bored! After all, your property has the potential to be just as entertaining, relaxing and welcoming as any travel destination. The ball’s in your court! 

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