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*In Saskatchewan and Quebec, the services are provided to private sellers through a "for-sale-by-owner" model. In Alberta, Ontario and Manitoba, the services to homeowners are provided by ComFree Commonsense Network, a brokerage duly registered in each of those three provinces under the applicable real estate legislations. Learn more.

Why choose DuProprio?


Save thousands in commission.

Join the 260,000 homeowners who’ve sold their home thanks to the DuProprio network. Follow their lead and bank every dollar of the selling price!


Quebec’s most-visited real estate website is Quebec’s most-visited real estate website and the best showcase for attracting potential buyers. Your online listing comes with our complete collection of home selling tools to get your property noticed.


A professional team on your side 7 days a week, until your property is sold

Selling without a real estate agent doesn’t mean selling all on your own. Your dedicated DuProprio team is just a phone call away, whenever you need them for tips and support!

Your team:
Representatives In-home appointment
Professional appraisers Appraisal tools to help you set your asking price
Real estate coaches Sale and marketing advice
Notaries Telephone assistance

How does it work?

Put your property on the market

We come to you and handle everything!

Our representative comes to your home and takes care of listing your property. HDR photos, a lawn sign, speedy online posting—you name it! Our representative also explains all you need to know about selling without a real estate agent.

Set a fair price

We have the tools to help you set the right price!

We know that setting the right price is the key to successfully selling your home. Our appraisal tools, and can help you determine the price that fits your home-selling goals. When speaking with potential buyers, you can use them to support your asking price.

Attract buyers

We give the best exposure. is Quebec’s most-visited real estate website and our HDR photos are the most beautiful in the industry. Plus, you can give visitors the chance to make a 3D virtual tour of your home so realistic, they’ll feel like they are actually there! With such unbeatable online exposure, as well as our professional marketing tools, buyers will quickly beat a path to your door!

Manage the sale

We’re on your side and just a phone call away until it’s sold.

You’ll have questions along the way and that’s normal. You don’t sell your home every day! Thanks to our Customer Service advisors and real estate coaches you’ll be well equipped to sell your property without a real estate agent and without paying commission!

Close the sale

Our notaries—experts in real estate law—answer your legal questions.

Red tape makes you nervous? No problem. DuProprio provides you access to a hotline from our notaries, who have your back so you can close the deal without losing sleep. Call them with any legal questions about selling your property and the associated paperwork—the number of calls is unlimited.

That’s it—your property is sold! You’ve saved thousands in commission that you can now spend any way you like.

What’s included?

What’s included?