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"I've always received great service" – André from Québec City

Published on November 10, 2020

André Delisle of Québec City sold his Sainte-Foy home early this summer, celebrating his fifth sale with the help of DuProprio’s services. The sale was marked by the COVID-19 pandemic, but also his participation in our advertising campaign in the months that followed.

If you’ve had the DuProprio jingle stuck in your head, that’s André’s doing. A loyal ambassador of our services, this friendly client has sold single-family homes, a cottage and even a duplex with us over the years. While each experience was different, the last one was definitely unique.

His property was already on the market when the pandemic hit and Quebec went into lockdown. Diane Leblanc, real estate coach, guided and advised him throughout the process. After several follow-up conversations, they met during a video-conference, which gave them the opportunity to go over their work together during this last sale and talk about André’s experience with DuProprio over the years.

Ambassador for nearly 10 years

André first used DuProprio’s services in 2011. Although technology advances quickly, our service offer has been able to keep pace. "It's improved a lot over time. I've always received great service, but it's gotten better from year to year," said André, jokingly comparing DuProprio to the drawings in the Asterix comic series that were greatly refined over time.

Experts and modern tools

Our team has grown and now offers the expertise of in-house notaries and appraisers. The tools available to our clients have also evolved, notably Appraiser+, which helps set the asking price, and the 3D virtual tour, to increase visibility. That particular tool was very useful to André this spring, as it helped him target serious buyers.

The pleasure of saying “Sold!”

André finally sold his property on June 1st and was able to affix his “J'ai vendu” (Sold!) sticker on his DuProprio for sale sign. He had been waiting for this moment since the representative's visit. “The packet the representative gives you has all the documents and everything you need for the sale, but also includes the “Sold” stickers. So you say to yourself, I can't wait to stick these on the sign," he said with a laugh.

He plans to celebrate this sale with a trip once the situation permits. Enjoy it and, above all, we look forward to working with you for a sixth time in the years to come. Thank you, André!

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