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The advantages of selling commission-free in a fast-moving market

Published on March 8, 2020

The real estate sector has grown exponentially in last few months. With the number of sold properties consistently exceeding the number of new listings, inventory is at its lowest level for both houses and condos.

That means that several buyers will want the same property, which can lead to multiple offers and even bidding wars. In short, the supply of properties is not keeping up with the demand. In a situation like this, some consumers are hesitant to put their property up for sale because they’re worried about selling too quickly, before they’ve found their next home.

But this situation also means that there are many advantages to selling commission-free with the help of DuProprio.

Much simpler and with less pressure

The fear of selling your property before finding the next one is quite legitimate. To help you sleep better at night, the best thing to do is to reach an agreement with your buyers, so the moving date is as far away as possible. This will give you more time to find your new home.

“When you sell with DuProprio, it’s faster and simpler to reach a consensus with the buyers, because you’re talking directly to them,” explains Martin Desfossés, real estate coach at DuProprio. “You’ll avoid feeling pressured by a broker who’s anxious for you to accept an offer, so he or she can get the commission faster.”

The top experts

Multiple offers and bidding wars can sound scary. But there’s no one better than a notary to support you if that happens. Notaries are the specialists in Quebec real estate law.

“Often, our clients don’t know how to do things, or in what order to do them,” explains Elena Maria Bejan, leader of the notary team at DuProprio. “We’re there to guide them, answer their questions and make sure they do things correctly. At the end of the call, they are reassured and confident.”

A bigger profit means more choice

In a hot marketplace, it’s not unusual for properties to sell very quickly and above list price. It’s an ideal situation for homeowners who want to get—and keep—the maximum profit in their pockets.

“Selling commission-free means that homeowners keep the total amount of the sale,” clarifies Martin Desfossés. “This profit is crucial, since they’ll also have to relocate in a bull market.

“With more money in their pockets, they have more purchasing power and have access to a larger pool of properties,” he adds. “Or they can invest in a larger down payment when purchasing their next home.”