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A 3D virtual tour lets you feel like you’re there

Published on April 6, 2020

A 3D virtual tour is an ideal way to view a property, especially when you can’t go in person. This tool lets you continue your plans to buy or sell, while respecting the social distancing measures to limit the spread of the coronavirus.

It’s a simple, easy-to-use tool, and you can start visiting homes with just a couple of clicks. So far, DuProprio.com is the real estate site offering the most virtual tours in Canada, giving buyers the chance to explore each room in a home that’s up for sale, from anywhere they like, and at any time. They can even select the availability of a 3D tour as one of their search criteria. Once the tool is open, it offers a range of possibilities.

See from every angle

The interactive, high-resolution three-dimensional view lets buyers explore a home’s interior from every angle. They can move around however they want by following the arrows, and take as much time as they please to see every detail, from floor to ceiling.

The bird's-eye view gives a better idea of the property’s overall shape.

The 3D view shows the home as though it was a scale model. It sections the different levels so it’s easy to see which room is located over which.

The tool also lets viewers measure walls or other elements, so they can check whether a favourite piece of furniture will fit in a specific spot.

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An absolute must right now

Because it has so much to offer, the virtual tour is a technological tool that provides a valuable service to real estate at the moment. It increases owners’ chances of selling quickly and makes searching easier for buyers.

Not only does the 3D virtual visit keep both buyers and sellers from wasting time on unnecessary visits, but in this era of social distancing, it’s the perfect solution to visit a property from the comfort of your living room.