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COVID-19: Selling your home safely

COVID-19 has forced every industry to adjust the way they operate, and real estate is no exception. Quebecers had to adapt the way they sell properties.

Real estate activities almost never stoped, but the Quebec government asks that certain hygiene measures be followed. That just makes good sense! There are indeed ways to put a home on the market safely and successfully under these new circumstances.

A focus on service that minimizes physical contact

Can you get support from top experts while minimizing physical meetings? “Yes, it’s completely doable using the assisted selling model offered by DuProprio,” confirms real estate coach Martin Desfossés. “You get access to a team of appraisers, advisors, coaches and notaries. Plus our services are available seven days a week over the phone. So you benefit from our expertise, contact-free. It’s the best of both worlds!”

Since they are going to our clients’ homes, our representatives received all the supplies needed to limit the risk of spreading COVID-19. They also have specific instructions on the hygiene and social distancing measures to follow in order to comply with public health recommendations.

Technology to sell your home

“Because of social distancing rules, the 3D virtual tour is probably the tool our clients most appreciate,” continues Desfossés, an expert in property marketing. “It lets visitors ‘walk through’ your property from the comfort of their living room. It’s a fantastic tool that helps buyers make decisions faster and that decreases the number of in-person meetings needed.”

DuProprio is one of the only real estate companies offering this tool to all its customers. Owners who offer potential buyers this option are a step ahead of the others, since social distancing measures are likely to be here for a while to come, according to public health experts.

Using caution during visits

The advantage of selling without a go-between is that the buyer has complete control over who enters their home, when and how. It’s important to have thorough preliminary discussions with the buyer over the phone or by video call, before planning a visit. That way, the seller can make sure the property meets the buyer’s budget and needs. They can discuss the ideal occupation date, the property’s special features and mortgage prequalification.

Don’t hesitate to go over the listing, the photos and the 3D virtual tour (if available) together. You can also teleconference with the potential buyer to show them the layout and some of the rooms. Once you’re sure everything is suitable, you can plan a visit while respecting these hygiene measures.

Got any questions? Contact a member of our team at 1-866-387-7677 or learn more about our services by viewing this informational webinar.