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3 profitable tips for selling your property

For most Quebecers, their home is their most important financial asset. In addition to the emotional value attached to a home, most people also invest a great deal of time and money into it.

So, when the time comes to sell a property, it’s important to go about it the right way and get the most out of the investment.

1. Set the right price, the right way

Some homeowners think the municipal assessment is a good starting point to establish their property’s asking price. But actually, this amount is used to determine how much municipal tax will be charged for the property, so it’s not a good indicator of its market value.

A professional appraiser is the best resource for price setting. Using an appraiser’s services is in your best interest because they don’t have a stake in the sale of the property (unlike a real estate agent, for example, who will receive a commission on the sale). The appraiser’s role is to give you an objective opinion, while following the stringent standards and ethics code that regulate their professional practice.

A central part of the appraiser’s job is analyzing comparables. This method involves establishing the asking price for a property, based on recent transactions involving a given type of property in a given area. This is the main idea behind the advice given by DuProprio’s team of appraisers and our price-setting tools.

2. Sell without paying a commission

It’s never been so easy to sell a property without having to pay a steep commission. Companies like DuProprio have developed services that let you quickly and easily reach buyers while getting the backing of professionals such as notaries and appraisers. 

Naturally, you have to invest a little time to answer calls and manage the visits, but the results are worth it. For instance, the average broker’s 5% commission on a property selling for $300,000 would be $15,000. When you add the taxes, that’s over $17,000 deducted from your earnings on the sale. Ouch!

When you realize that Canadians move every seven years on average, this means tens of thousands of dollars being paid four or five times over a lifetime. It really makes you think!

3. Make sure the home is in good shape

Making your home attractive to potential buyers is the key to a successful sale. You don’t have to spend days at it, but a clean, tidy home that’s in good condition will inspire confidence. It will put the odds in your favour for a quick sale.

Depersonalize, purge and spruce things up: these are the simple and effective things to do to market your home with success.

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