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5 maintenance tasks to do this fall

It’s essential to do a few small maintenance jobs in the fall, especially when your home is for sale.

The leaves are falling, days are getting shorter and frost is settling on the ground at night. But despite all that, your property must remain attractive for potential buyers.

“Remember that a well-maintained property inspires trust,” says real estate coach at DuProprio. “The same applies to landscaping. It has to be maintained according to the season.”

So here are a few tasks to get done before winter:

1. Summer furniture and accessories

Put away your patio furniture, kids’ toys (where applicable) and pool accessories. And take advantage of the opportunity to clean up these areas and remove any traces of dirt that have accumulated over the summer.

And don’t forget to turn off the water supply when you remove the hose, to avoid nasty surprises in the spring.

2. Dead leaves

There are two schools of thought about dead leaves. Some people bag them and send them to their municipal composting facilities. Others leave them on the lawn to create an insulating barrier during the winter.

If you opt for this second approach, you should be aware that leaving a too-thick layer of leaves can choke the lawn. The recommendation is to shred them with the lawn mower. You can then put excess leaves in the garden and flowerbeds (no more than 10 cm deep).

Even if you leave the leaves, don’t forget to sweep walkways to the shed, entrance and patio when visitors are expected.

3. Snow protection

The next step is tying off or covering shrubs and other vulnerable plants so they will survive the cold and the weight of snow. Make sure everything is secured for the winter. And it’s a good time to replace rotten or damaged boards.

When you’re installing your car port (if you have one), why not add non-skid strips on your front steps? This is a small gesture that everyone will appreciate!

4. Roof and rain gutters

It’s a good time to inspect the roof and eavestroughs—a job that’s often overlooked. Just remove the debris and make sure water flows well. That’s all there is to it!

5. Doors and windows

Don’t wait until it’s too cold to wash exterior doors and windows. If need be, add weather stripping or caulking to prevent air infiltrations. And once you’re at it consider installing plastic film. They’ll not only improve your home’s energy efficiency, they’ll also protect windows from condensation.