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Houses representing the 4 seasons with sticker J'ai vendu Houses representing the 4 seasons with sticker J'ai vendu

What’s the best time of the year to sell a home?

Last updated on May 11, 2022

Most people ask themselves this question when thinking of putting their property on the market. Is there really a “best time” to sell? Even if you want to take advantage of those times of year when potential buyers are very active, you should know that every season has advantages. We break it down for you, to help you make the right decision.

There are people wanting to buy and sell real estate all year. A separation, a new family member or a career change are only some of the reasons that can make a homeowner take action. That’s why potential buyers and sellers can find what they need, in spring, summer, fall or winter.

“It never stops”

The real estate coaches at DuProprio explain that there is no perfect time to sell. “There are real estate transactions happening all year long. It never stops,” they say, adding that they have even seen sales close on Christmas Eve.

The coaches therefore advise people planning to sell their home not to wait until a particular time of year. “The sooner you put your property on the market, the quicker you will attract a potential buyer.”

Ups and downs

Of course, some times are busier than others. “The number of transactions increases as fall approaches (August, September, October, November),” say the coaches. “The other busy time is from the beginning of the year to the end of June.”

On the other hand, the market slows down during the run-up to the holiday season. And the same happens during the summer holidays. At these times, buyers are less active in their search, forcing sellers to be patient.

Every season has advantages

Real estate transactions happen regardless of the season. The proof is that hundreds of homes are sold in Quebec every month. However, during the busier seasons, properties sell faster and for a higher price. In calmer periods, it may take longer to attract a buyer.

4 different seasons in the same park

The enthusiasm of spring

When the nice weather comes back, buyers become more active. In Quebec, it’s moving season. Most renters who don’t renew their lease must leave their apartment by July 1. So, there are more buyers and home prices trend higher. We see more activity in the real estate market, with the peak number of transactions happening in June.

Want to sell in spring? We suggest you do all the preparations needed during the winter, so you’re ready when the fine weather arrives.

The beauty of summer

Summer is the perfect time to take advantage of warm weather and long sunny days, which make home showings easier, even late at night. Plus, your home is seen in its best light and when vegetation is most lush. On the other hand, it’s also the time of year when people go on vacation.

Fall and back-to-school time

Autumn is also a good season for selling. First, the back-to-school period also sometimes involves new jobs and other changes. Plus, at this time of year, your yard can still look good, before winter arrives.

Prices tend to go down, especially if the residence has been on the market for a while and didn’t find a buyer in the summer. Homeowners sometimes want to sell more quickly, before the cold weather returns.

Winter opportunities

Winter is associated with a slowdown in real estate sales. As the temperature drops, competition in the real estate market lags and there are fewer home showings. Since the housing inventory is more limited, this may not appeal to buyers who like to have more options. In short, the demand is generally lower, notably because people don’t want to have to move in the snow.

However, if you have a property that has particular appeal in winter (like a chalet located near the slopes), it can absolutely be showcased during this season. The other plus is that people who are looking to buy a home in winter are usually driven by a specific need that requires a fast move.

Find a buyer, anytime

Remember that no matter the season, there is a whole set of factors impacting how much time it will take your home to sell. How favourable the circumstances are depends on things like the economic situation (jobs, interest rates, access to mortgages, real estate news, etc.), the condition of your home and even the number of similar properties for sale in your area at the time.

By listing your residence at a fair price and doing the work needed before selling, you will be putting the odds in your favour of selling in a reasonable amount of time.

Preparing well

We strongly suggest starting your preparations the season before you list. That will give you enough time to gather the 7 documents to have on hand when selling your home and to familiarize yourself with the steps involved in a real estate transaction.

Even though the sale may happen quickly, everything that comes before it—creating your listing, taking photos, hosting visits, receiving offers, negotiating, etc.—can take some time. And, we often forget about this part, but it’s important to set aside some time for the move!

moving boxes on the floor of an apartment

The best period to sell: A non-issue

If you spend too much time thinking about it and pushing back your plans to sell, chances are you’ll never find that perfect time. If you’re in a hurry, the right time to sell is always now! However, if you have time, you can indeed choose to sell when it’s most convenient for you and take advantage of seasonal peaks. But as a rule, the sooner you put your property on the market, the more opportunity it has to attract buyers.

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