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Outdoor furniture helps sell your home in summer Outdoor furniture helps sell your home in summer

5 tips for selling your property in the summer

Last updated on May 29, 2024

Summer may be vacation time for most people, but the real estate market doesn’t take a break! Hundreds of homes are sold in summer. So, here are our 5 tips to help make yours one of them.


1. Update the photo of your home

Generally, it’s the home’s exterior that first attracts buyers. If your photos were taken in winter, there will be snow hiding the yard, landscaping and maybe even part of the house. We strongly recommend taking a new photo of the front of your home to show it at its best.

2. Post “for sale” and directional signs

With the return of the pleasant weather, more people are taking walks outdoors. Many potential buyers will drive around looking for homes in neighbourhoods they like. Make it clear that your property’s for sale, and make it easy for buyers to find it.

3. Do your maintenance work

To get the price you want, make sure that everything is in order from the roof to the foundation, without forgetting the landscaping. It’s to your advantage to keep the lawn mowed, the garden weeded and the hedges trimmed.

Remember that a poorly maintained building loses appeal, while a well-maintained home and yard inspire trust. Plus, any small flaws that the buyer or building inspector may find will serve as arguments for lowering your asking price.

4. List a competitive price

If your home has been on the market for a few months, be sure your asking price is still competitive. Since the real estate market is always changing, a good way to be sure you’re keeping up with those changes is to check comparable properties that have sold in your area. Also, look at the asking price of properties similar to yours. This will give you the best chances of sparking a buyer’s interest.

5. Prepare for your vacation

Planning to be out of town for a few days’ vacation? Prepare in advance so you can leave with your mind at ease. Will you have Internet access to answer email messages from potential buyers? Will someone be available to answer phone calls or to give home visits?

Use these 5 tips to put the odds in your favour and take advantage of buyers’ enthusiasm. Good luck and have a great summer!

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