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4 photo tips to attract buyers

In real estate, photography is the starting point, where potential buyers become interested in a property. If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine how much information a whole album can convey!

Because they’re so important, the photos of your property must be high-quality and realistic. They should showcase the best aspects of your home, so people will want to know more.

Front of the house 

This photo must show the front of your home in its entirety. To ensure the eye is drawn only to the building, make sure the landscaping is well-maintained. Don’t leave anything lying on the balcony or hanging in the windows. Remove all cars parked in front of the building, as well as any trash and recycling bins. In winter, make sure the entrance is well cleared.

“If necessary, remove snow from the roof and from the windows to let in as much light as possible and also prevent water infiltration and property damage,” advises Martin Desfossés, real estate coach at DuProprio.

Order of presentation

You have very little time to draw web users’ attention to your listing. So the photo that appears in the search results should be appealing and show your home at its best. That means that, in winter, you could still choose a photo of the front of the house in summer.

Then put the best photos at the start of your album. Make sure the major points of interest are visible. You can also place photos in an order mimicking a visit: for instance starting with the entrance and ground floor, and ending with the upper storeys and backyard.

Quantity of photos

“You might think a two-bedroom condo doesn’t need as many photos as a single-family home. But just because a property is smaller doesn’t mean it doesn’t deserve to be shown from varied angles and viewpoints,” says Martin Desfossés.

At DuProprio, the number of photos included with your listing depends on the package you choose, and ranges from eight to an unlimited number. If you do have a limit, prioritize the main rooms, like the kitchen, bathroom and living room. And then try to show each secondary room and the backyard.

Photo quality

A photo’s quality is judged according to several criteria, like colour, light and framing. And property photos should also be as realistic as possible.

The HDR technology used by DuProprio achieves this quality of photography. It involves using a series of photographs taken with varying exposure lengths. This captures all the light data in a room to show it in the best possible way.

These photos allow potential buyers to get a good idea of your home. And with the addition of a 3D Virtual Tour*, buyers can move from room to room and get a good sense of the layout. Together, these tools will help maximize your visibility and avoid unnecessary home visits.

*Not available in the following regions: Abitibi-Témiscamingue, Côte-Nord, Gaspésie, Nord-du-Québec, and some towns in Mauricie, Laurentides and Charlevoix. This tool may also not be available for some property types or properties with particular features.