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5 ways to market your house for sale through social media

If you use different modes of social media like Facebook or Twitter, you could take advantage of such tools in order to give more visibility to your property listing.

Here are four ways to market your house for sale through social media.

1. Create and share a photo album

What Facebook users like about such mediums are the photos. Upload the shots the DuProprio photographer took and then create a photo album that your friends can see – the photos will help you to get better results than if you just shared a link.

In the captions under such photos, be sure to specify that your house is for sale – this is where you should place a link to your ad so that people can get all of the details of the property.

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2. Regularly update your status

Whether on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, you can publish a “status.” Use this status to inform your friends of your listing. For example, after posting photos of your house, you can indicate that you are planning to hold an open house, share details of the home staging process, express what you expect from your visitors, or communicate news that you think is important when receiving an offer purchase.

This is a subtle yet effective way to remind your friends that you are selling your home. If they know about your plans​​, they can even provide you with some advice and help (such as, “I ​​know a good lawyer”).

However, don’t make the mistake of carelessly publishing your ad repeatedly. You friends will tire quickly of the posts and you may start receiving negative feedback rather than positive.

3. Ask your friends for help

You may want to ask people to retweet your ad on Twitter or for your friends to share it on their wall on Facebook. All you need to do is ask.

It has been proven that you get much better results from just asking them outright instead of waiting for someone to take the initiative on their own.

4. Be creative

Have you made a video of your home to put on YouTube? It’s a good idea, but if you just go around the room stating “this is the living room” and “this is the bathroom,” no one will want to watch it (let alone share it on their profiles). Be creative. By doing something original or funny, you will make people want to share your video and then your home will be seen by more potential buyers.

Are you a good writer? When writing the description of your property, be honest with what you say. With some creativity, you could add a touch of humor and personalization that will make people want to talk about your ad.

5. Use the right hashtags

Hashtags are especially popular on Twitter and Instagram. They’re those words that have a number or pound sign (#) in front of them. They make it easy to find all the posts on a specific topic that use the same tag. So by using the right hashtags, you can help your post to move outside your circle of friends and attract the attention of people interested in a particular topic.

For instance, you might want to use the hashtag #homeforsale #montreal. Or opt for a more specific theme and talk about the #homestaging in one of the rooms of your home.