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5 tips for writing a listing that sells!

Writing the description for your listing is an important step in putting a home on the market. But don’t worry, it’s not very complicated. After all, who knows more about your home and neighbourhood than you?

Your listing should say what the photos can’t convey. A complete and appealing description will have a greater chance of attracting potential buyers, and will prevent unnecessary calls and visits. Here are our tips for creating a great listing.

1. Highlight your property’s advantages

To start, the perfect message should include all the aspects that make your home a good buy. Write down the things that drew you to this property in the first place: these are still likely to attract potential buyers now.

You want to share these advantages in the first lines of your listing. Then, add the essential information (number of rooms, revenue potential, etc.) that can’t be seen in the photos. Also mention the renovations that have been done, the air exchange system, the quality of the materials and any possible inclusions.

2. Keep it short and precise

Unless you have exceptional writing skills and an original story to tell, it’s best to write simply. A long text or paragraphs that go on for lines can discourage visitors from reading the listing. If you have a lot of items to list, it’s best to use bullet points or a numbered list.

3. Avoid vague terms

To really help the buyers looking for a property, it’s better to avoid comments that could be interpreted in various ways by different people. For instance, “lots of extras” isn’t as specific as “washer, dryer and dishwasher included.” You’ll also avoid lots of pointless calls when you say “15 minutes from downtown” rather than “near the highway,” and when you specify “country-style décor” instead of just “tastefully decorated.”

4. Use abbreviations wisely

Your goal is to create something that’s easy to read and to understand. So, if you shorten words or expressions, make sure it doesn’t slow the reader down. To be sure, ask a few people to reread your listing. If they don’t get what “2 br in bsmt” means, then the odds are that buyers won’t either. In that case, it would be best to write out “two bedrooms in the basement.”

5. Be enticing but realistic

Short and simple doesn’t have to mean bland, so add a little personality to your listing. There’s nothing wrong with saying “beautiful bungalow” instead of “single-family home,” or “very popular neighbourhood” instead of “nice area.” It’s more appealing. But remember not to exaggerate. If you say your home is on an “estate,” be sure it’s true. Be interesting but realistic.

Ultimately, you don’t need to be an artist to write a listing. The important thing is just to deliver the right information and make sure readers will understand it.