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3 reasons to sell your home commission-free

Last updated on June 13, 2022

Selling your home by yourself is not a decision to be made lightly, but it could be the best option for you. It’s true that selling without an agent requires time, energy and organization. But, with professional support and adapted tools, it’s not only possible, it’s also likely simpler than you imagine.

Every year, hundreds of Quebec homeowners choose to take control of their real estate transaction, saving thousands of dollars in the process. “Some clients are now on their second or even third home sold with DuProprio,” says Martin Desfossés, a seasoned real estate coach. “They’ve learned a lot and feel comfortable carrying out every step of the sale. They saw for themselves that it isn’t that complicated and not only real estate brokers can do it. Selling your home yourself is very gratifying!”


Getting the right support

Since sellers continue to have the advantage in the current market, selling without an intermediary is an especially appealing option. As there are more people wanting to buy than there are available properties, it’s easier than ever to sell successfully. Incidentally, 41% of homeowners who used DuProprio’s services—representing over 2 in 5 buyers—sold above their asking price in the first quarter of 2022.1

Of course, the current buying frenzy can make some consumers feel a little uncertain or nervous. Hence, the advantage of working with a professional team like DuProprio's: it helps homeowners sell their home by themselves, under the best possible conditions and with complete confidence.

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The advantages of putting a property on the market without an agent

As a homeowner, you know your property and your neighbourhood better than anyone. Handling the sale of your real estate from A to Z could turn out to be a major feather in your cap.

However, a project like this requires you to be very involved, since you’ll be responsible for every step, from listing the property to going to the notary’s office. If you don’t feel ready to manage all these tasks or are short on time, it may be best to entrust the job to a real estate agent.

Let’s break down the benefits of selling your home commission-free.

1. More money in your pocket

When you sell without an intermediary, you’ll save thousands of dollars that you could put toward your next home purchase or to fund personal projects. When you do business with a broker, their commission is around 5% to 7% of the selling price, plus taxes. So, if your property sells for $400,000, the commission will cost between $20,000 and $28,000, plus the taxes. That is not an inconsequential amount!

With a platform like DuProprio’s, even though you have to buy a package from us and pay the specialists you might hire, for example, a certified appraiser or a notary (note that the notary is a necessary expense, with or without a broker), the total bill will likely be quite a bit less than a commission.

2. A team that supports you until you sell

DuProprio team members in office

By choosing to sell person-to-person, you are responsible for the entire process. It’s reassuring to know that, with DuProprio, you’re never alone. You steer the ship at all times, but have access to a team of representatives, advisors, real estate coaches, appraisers and notaries, who can answer your questions.  The experts, resources and options at your disposal can help you:

  • Understand every step in a real estate sale
  • Prepare to sell
  • Write and optimize your real estate listing
  • Take professional photographs
  • Prepare a 3D virtual tour
  • Gather the papers you need for the sale
  • Set your asking price
  • Attract buyers and manage appointments
  • Negotiate
  • Simplify the legal issues
  • Make the sale

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3. A transaction with a personal touch, at your own pace

In a market that seems to be moving at top speed, selling without an intermediary is less stressful. Sellers can take all the time they want to find the right buyer. They can refuse offers that don’t meet their needs. They also have the opportunity to establish a trust-based relationship with the buyer. This direct contact simplifies the conversation, administrative formalities and purchasing process

In addition, you get to screen phone calls and decide who will enter your home, and have the freedom to choose how you want to conduct the negotiations. At no time will you be influenced in any direction or feel pressed to make a decision.

“Unlike a buyer represented by a real estate broker, homeowners who sell on their own are free to disclose, or not, the amounts of the offers they've received—unless, of course, a buyer requests that their offer remain confidential,” explains Me Elena Maria Bejan, notary at DuProprio.

List of perks of selling your home by yoursel

A seller’s market

“Right now, competition between buyers is so fierce that overbidding is common across Quebec,” explains Martin Desfossés.  “In these market conditions, nearly 2 out of 3 Quebecers surveyed believe that selling their property without a real estate agent has never been so easy!2

Overbidding—just like selling prices and selling times—is caused by market conditions. It makes no difference whether the property is sold with or without a broker. A real estate broker will not sell your home for more money. That’s because, ultimately, it’s the buyer who determines the price they’re ready to pay.

Difficult negotiations

Negotiating can be a stressful step for homeowners choosing to sell without an intermediary. It’s important to be objective and to stay emotionally detached, even though it’s your home that’s for sale. It can be tough to hear negative comments from potential buyers or to see people not interested in buying.

However, negotiations are different when the market is in an overbidding situation and you receive multiple offers.  The best way to receive these offers confidently is to be well-prepared. Our real estate coaches are old hands at this part of the process and know how to steer you in the right direction.

“Whether one offer is made, or more, the seller is always entitled to take some time to respond, which they can use to carefully read through each offer,” explains Martin Desfossés. “If there are several offers to consider, the seller can even ask the buyers if they want to raise their offer.”

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Peace of mind

The best sales strategy is the one that best meets your needs. DuProprio clients have access to a competent team and cutting-edge tools to answer their questions. A simple phone call often helps sellers reach an agreement with peace of mind!

To find out how DuProprio can help you sell your property in Quebec, contact us at 1-866-387-7677 or watch our webinar:

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1. Percentage of DuProprio properties sold at a price over the last price listed, between January 1 and March 31, 2022. 2. According to a web survey of 600 respondents from across Quebec, conducted by Ad Hoc Research from March 12 to 18, 2021.