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4 steps to selling your home

Changing jobs? Expecting an addition to the family? Kids left the nest? It may be time to sell the house and start a new chapter!

Because it happens so infrequently in life, a real-estate transaction can be scary. But in fact, the process is pretty simple, especially if you have support from the right professionals. Here’s how it’s done, in 4 easy steps.

1. Prepare the house

A clean, well-maintained house inspires trust. It’s more likely to sell quicker when presented in its best light. So, tidy and clean everything, and depersonalize your space by reducing the number of knick-knacks and personal objects.

To show up your home’s value, it’s important to spend time on outdoor maintenance and order, including mowing the lawn in summer and clearing entrances of snow in winter,” advises Martin Desfossés, real estate coach at DuProprio. “The outside is the first thing potential buyers see when they come knocking at the door for a home visit.”

Your top allies: the real estate coaches and photographers at DuProprio

2. Setting the right price

You then have to establish a good asking price. This is the key to a successful real estate transaction. The price must be justified and competitive, to get the most out of the sale. A fair price that reflects the property’s actual market value will attract more attention.

Your top allies: certified appraisers. They’re in the best position to help you at this stage because they don’t have any conflicts of interest

3. Maximize your marketing

Now that the property’s on the market, it’s important to make sure potential buyers will see it. Multiply the points of contact with them and you’ll increase your chances of finding your buyer. Some of the tips suggested by DuProprio’s real estate coaches to get more visibility include putting a sign on your lot, organizing open houses and taking the internet by storm!

Your top allies: the real estate advisers and coaches at DuProprio.

4. Make the sale

Someone’s fallen in love with your home? It’s time to reach an agreement on the selling price. Above all, don’t view negotiating as a confrontation. Instead, approach it like a discussion that will lead to a middle ground. Pro tip: have on hand the documents you used to set the list price. They’ll let you to justify it.

Then, fill out the Offer to Purchase form. Once the conditions are met, you can make an appointment with a notary to sign the bill of sale. Then you can start packing boxes!

Your top allies: DuProprio’s team of notaries to advise you, and a notary in private practice (selected by the buyer) to finalize the transaction.