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Family standing in front of the house they just sold with DuProprio Family standing in front of the house they just sold with DuProprio

Selling with DuProprio’s help: The preferred option of the Protégez-Vous panel

Published on December 20, 2023

Protégez-Vous surveyed its members to find out which company offering real estate services is the most liked by Quebecers. DuProprio ranked very well, getting the highest overall score and the highest recommendation rate.

Here are more details about the survey that confirmed DuProprio’s popularity with Quebecers.


DuProprio tops the list!

The results of the Protégez-Vous real estate broker satisfaction survey (in French only) are clear: homeowners really like DuProprio’s assistance. Our property selling assistance service ranked first, with an overall rating of 8.6 out of 10 and a recommendation rate of 84%.1

The survey was given to the 820 members of the Protégez-Vous consumer community who bought or sold a property within the last five years.

Montage of owners who sold with DuProprio

An unrivalled property selling experience

The respondents said that they had a positive experience with DuProprio because of its staff’s dedication to customer satisfaction, both in terms of courtesy shown and the quality of the services offered, from the beginning of the process to the conclusion of the transaction.

Our property selling assistance service ranked “very good1,” the highest positive choice on the answer scale, for all the elements assessed in the satisfaction survey:

  • Staff courteousness
  • Quality of the services
  • Respect of the customer’s instructions
  • Manner in which visits were conducted
  • The conclusion of the transaction (time frame, contract, selling price)
  • The commission, or the cost of the service

In light of these excellent results, Protégez-Vous named DuProprio its “Top choice” for this type of service.

DuProprio employee chatting with a client

Saving the commission: A huge advantage

Several respondents indicated that they chose DuProprio because of the price of the services, a significantly lower expense than having to pay a commission.

Save the commission

The service is more flexible, more efficient, faster and much cheaper than that of a real estate broker. Homeowners are the ones in the best position to talk about their home,” one survey respondent wrote. 

I’d rather pay a lump sum than a 4%, 5% or 6% commission.  It’s much less than what you have to pay a real estate broker,” said another respondent. 

The Protégez-Vous survey confirms that DuProprio is your best ally for selling a property while being well-supported.

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It's easy to sell commission-free
1. The results are based on a survey conducted from June 28 to July 11, 2023, with 820 members of the Protégez-Vous consumer community, called the panel. Only companies named by 30 or more respondents were selected. Protégez-Vous is an independent and self-funded nonprofit organization dedicated entirely to informing and educating Quebec consumers.