Find your new home

To find the right new home, you’ll need to visit a lot of properties and learn to ask the right questions. Whether you’re house hunting for your first place or you’re an experience home buyer, this section will provide you with many helpful tips to make this experience a positive one.

Deciding on the neighbourhood you’d like to live in

The choice of neighbourhood is crucial when buying a home. Your neighbourhood determines living condition, budget and the resale value of the property.

An informed buyer should take the time to research a neighbourhood and learn about amenities, services, and the advantages and disadvantages of the area. You can do this by talking with the homeowner and neighbours, or by visiting the area at different times of day.

Some factors to consider are noise, odours, or unpleasant or annoying activities happening in the area (e.g. construction, etc.).

Remember: you can change a lot about a house, but the only way to change the neighbourhood is to move!

The main criteria to check for to choose the right area:

  • Neighbourhood
  • Social activity
  • Circulation
  • Noise
  • Odors
  • Local services
  • View
  • Environment
  • Cost of municipal taxes
  • Strength of the local economy
  • Zoning
  • Flood area
  • Soil type
  • Other