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*In British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Quebec, the services are provided to private sellers through a "for-sale-by-owner" model. In Alberta, Ontario and Manitoba, the services to homeowners are provided by ComFree Commonsense Network, a brokerage duly registered in each of those three provinces under the applicable real estate legislations. Learn more.

Are you thinking of selling your property, but trying to decide between DuProprio and a real estate agent? Keep reading, and make an informed decision!

DuProprio versus
a real estate agent


Real estate agent

No agent, no commission

With an agent, with commission

$15,000. On average, this is the amount saved by homeowners who sell their property with the help of Duproprio!*

* The average amount saved is compared to an average commission of 5% including applicable taxes, based on the average selling price of properties sold through DuProprio in 2015 and whose selling price was disclosed by the customer. : #1 leading real estate website in Quebec*

Centris: 3rd leading real estate website in Quebec*

No real estate agent firm can offer better exposure than DuProprio in Quebec! Here are the most visited real estate websites in the province:

*comScore Media Metrix® Key Measures Report, monthly average (May 2016 – December 2016), desktop data, unique visitors, CA.

Selling time:
112 days*

Selling time:
118 days*

Owners who sell with DuProprio sell on average within 112 days, whereas owners who work with a real estate agent sell within 118 days.*

*Source: Centris and DuProprio, for October 2015 to September 2016.

Average time invested:
30 hours*

Average time invested:
30 hours

The results of a survey conducted by Harris/Decima* show that Canadians devote on average 30 hours to selling their home, regardless of how they choose to sell it.

*Survey conducted by Harris/Decima of 1004 Canadians, between August 25 and 29, 2011. Its margin of error is +/-3.1%, 19 times out of 20.

Notaries, firm of chartered appraisers, real estate coaches and photographers

1 agent

Thousands of dollars in commission is a high price to pay for support. With DuProprio, you can count on a team of seasoned professionals with different specialties. Since 1997, our team has helped 215,000 owners like you sell their property, at a fraction of the cost of an agent!

27,000 testimonials from satisfied customers

Not available

According to a recent survey of DuProprio’s clients, 95% of them say that our services met their expectations. No wonder why we have so many positive testimonials!

DuProprio, the smart choice, and one that pays

When you choose DuProprio, you enjoy the best exposure in real estate and advice from the pros. The selling time is shorter, and the time invested in the sale is the same as if you used a real estate agent.

DuProprio versus
Proprio Direct

DuProprio and Proprio Direct are 2 different companies that offer 2 different services

Proprio Direct is a brokerage company, with real estate brokers and commission. That means that everything in the right-hand column in the table above applies to their services. Here are other key differences between DuProprio and Proprio Direct:

Number of properties listed on the website

Number of unique visitors per month*

*comScore Media Metrix® Key Measures Report, monthly average (January 2017 - October 2017), desktop data, unique visitors, CA.

The truth about Proprio Direct

With Proprio Direct, an owner that finds his buyer himself still needs to pay a 2% commission to the broker. This percentage can rise to 7% when the agent finds the buyer. But in practice, did you know that only 10% of transactions closed through Proprio Direct had a commission of 2%?* It’s not surprising, given that the agent’s contact information is what appears on the online listing and the “For Sale” sign…

Transactions carried out with Proprio Direct - Actual commission paid by the owner

Of the 2 companies, only DuProprio delivers true savings, in addition to offering you the best exposure and the professional support you need to sell your house!

Am I better protected
with an agent?


Many owners mistakenly think that doing business with a real estate agent protects them in a range of situations, when in actual fact, selling with an agent:

  • Does not protect you from hidden defects.
  • Does not protect you from a withdrawal by the buyer.
  • Does not replace a professional home inspection.
  • Does not preclude the need to close the transaction with a notary.

Selling with a real estate agent protects you only from damages resulting from a professional error on the part of the real estate agent, and only if the FARCIQ (Fonds d’assurance responsabilité professionnelle du courtage immobilier du Québec) agrees that a fault was committed and that it resulted in the damages.

Radio-Canada report on the OACIQ

Journalists from the Radio-Canada show La Facture looked at the issue in the report Qui du public ou des courtiers est le mieux protégé? (available in French only). Their findings raise concerns.

Watch the video →