Habitations Jasmont Deschênes

1499 Ch. Chambly
Carignan  J3L 1P5

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At the heart of Habitations Jasmont Deschênes's vision: YOU!

Habitations Jasmont Deschênes's mission is to build houses of superior quality, with the collaboration and respect of the customer. Since its foundation, Habitations Jasmont Deschênes has remained faithful to its tradition of excellence: offering its customers quality homes beyond expectations and this, while respecting ideas and desires. Winner of several awards and distinctions, the company stands out from its competitors by its personalized style and user-friendly methods.

Our story

Habitations Jasmont Deschênes is the result of the union between Construction Jasmont and Habitations Deschênes Pépin, companies working in the construction industry and accumulating more than 80 years of experience and 6,000 residences built.

Backed by a solid team and by all the talents gathered, Habitations Jasmont Deschênes, carries out projects of all sizes, from single-family homes to semi-detached houses, townhouses to condos and high-rises.

Habitations Jasmont Deschênes is able to start a project with a simple idea in order to be your atmosphere creator.