Le groupe Beaumont Élite 2 Québec Inc

1200 boulevard de Rome Local Z
Brossard  J4W 3H3
License number: 5669-3930-01
Accreditation: GCR, Abritat

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respected family business, founded in the early 1950s, the Beaumont Élite II group has some 8,000 homes to its credit, most of which are built on the south shore of Montreal. eacute; sident, son of Adrien Létourneau, founder, as well as numerous handpicked subcontractors ensure the stability of this leading company in the field of residential construction. The result is homes noted for their look and quality of course, but also a very advanced after-sales service, which is to the credit of the Beaumont Élite II group.

The Beaumont Elite II group makes a point of responding to the various requests and desires of its customers. This personalized service makes sure to make the experience unique and enjoyable. We work passionately with our customers to make their dream home a reality!

Accredited Master Builder, Palme Diamant since 2002, the highest distinction in terms of excellence with the APCHQ, the company nonetheless remains faithful to its initial values of listening, rigor, innovation and professionalism that have earned it a re eacute; foolproof reputation within a highly competitive market.