René Gaudet et Fils Inc.

75 rue du Collège
St-Jacques  J0K 2R0

Automated translation

"Why isn't it René Gaudet et Fille?"

René Gaudet was my grandfather. He founded his company in 1952 where he worked under his own name. He has greatly participated in the development of the region. Among his achievements are the Grand-Pré school in Saint-Jacques, the Notre-Dame school in Saint-Alexis, the Caisse Populaire in Saint-Jacques and several houses. In the early 1970s, two of his sons, Serge and Jean, joined him. In 1983, they became the three shareholders of René Gaudet et fils Inc. Their field of activity covers the fields of residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural construction. They set themselves the mission of building quality structures. Respect for customers and suppliers is also part of the company's values. The period 2006 to 2018 will be marked by the death of the founder and the two sons. But it will be tinged with a new feminine touch. I, Joëlle Gaudet, engineer, Serge's daughter, am taking over the company.