Trémä Signature Inc.

2020 rue Michelin
Chomedey  H7L 5C2

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Our History:
Trémä was created in 2019 by the merger of Groupe Marsan and Groupe Immobilier Voyer & Tremblay. Together, we combine nearly 60 years of experience.

Our approach:
Together, we combine nearly 60 years of experience and combine our distinctive expertise with the same common goal: Building sustainable homes that contribute to creating environments where life is good. We adopt innovative practices that ensure the perfect connection between the superior quality of the home and its sustainability. In this way, we limit its ecological footprint as much as possible. Adopting these best practices also allows us to think in terms of sustainability, which allows us to meet the needs of current generations while anticipating the expectations of future generations.

Long before becoming a construction engineer, Jean-Sébastien Tremblay lived in a family environment where residential construction was at the heart of a true success story. In 2000, he joined forces with his father, who was then president of the The company. Jean-Sébastien then pursued her mission: to carry out the turnkey construction of single-family homes, townhouses and condominiums according to criteria of high quality that are highly superior to what is offered on the market. Sensitive to environmental issues, he quickly positions the company as socially responsible and which relies on various initiatives for the benefit of sustainable development.


Philippe Marsan developed a passion for construction at a very young age when he was already learning the various construction trades on family construction sites. It was in 1996 that Philippe founded his own company, CIM Signature, specialized in the design and construction of completely personalized and superior quality homes. In addition to being recognized for his commitment, Philippe places people at the heart of each project, whether they are buyers, partners, suppliers or promoters. This enviable reputation is based not only on its flexibility and relationships of trust, but also on the constant search for technological innovations and new products as a means of improving the quality of its homes, which have rightly earned him numerous awards and mentions.

Co-president TREMÄ