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1 bedroom
1 bathroom
2 levels
Lot dimensions 871.13x1 480 751.64 ft (265.52x451 333.1 m)

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A house built on one of the highest mountains in the area. This construction is a Scandinavian chalet of 24x28 with a carport in the house and a garage of 16x16 heated with a slow burning stove all insulated. The house has a floor and mezzanine with patio at the top and bottom built aspen essence with glass guard. The floors are all hardwood with a central slow burn stove as well as a 30 thousand BTU gas heater with a controller.

The house rests on piles with a contour sprayed with urethane blown floor and walls to come.

At the rear of the residence there is a 1000 liters of water fed by gravity rainwater for outdoor use, etc. The water supply for shower and others a 1300 liters on the second floor is installed. This gives an autotomy duration of one and a half months with a hot water tank. To fill the water tank, we go to the village for replenishment which is 5-6 minutes away, filling is very fast. Eventually in the future, they plan to pass the water in the row.

We have a composting toilet for water saving, no need for a septic tank (possibility to install one if necessary and this is at your discretion).

For us powered by current we are solar that makes it work (washer, freezer, fridge, water dispenser, television, light, microwave, hot water pump, water pump for the pool (we leave all the system to finalize the pool that will serve as a water tank that will be supplied by rainwater it has a surface area of 30x30 and a depth of 0 to 6 feet.

Regarding telephony, it fits very well as the internet and we have as a distributor the company BELL.

We have as wood species: maple, fir, white spruce, black spruce, ash, birch, aspen, cherry, jack pine, red pine and white pine.

We have a piece of land on the neighboring lot that is 200' x850' wide on this part there is a small lake and it is big enough to stock trout.

In addition we have kept a part of land made for animal breeding whose area is about 500x500.

The path we have of 1.6 KLM is made of crushed asphalt and we have maintained it all winter without difficulty.

There is also a snowmobile trail on the lot boundary (every year, we receive a $125 royalty that is given to us for a right of way that we granted with a contract signed with the Snowmobile Club.

We also have two caches for hunting the original, deer and also small game, in the area.

Still without forgetting we have a cottage of about 16x36 floor and walls all insulated with wood stove that could be used for guests.

Very important point to specify given the altitude, the location of the construction we have practically no mosquitoes.

Take note that in this village there is a well-known restaurant, hardware store, arena, two convenience stores, rest islands very well known in France as well as a lake called Le Péribonka which is two minutes from the residence where you can fish.

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Complete Description

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Building dimensions
2 428 ft² (225.57 m²)
Backyard Faces


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Room dimensions

Open concept
Storey: 1st floor
Dimensions: 24' x 28' (7,32 m x 8,53 m)
Flooring: Hardwood

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Cottage for sale

470 8e rang

Ste-Monique Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean

No. 1007050

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