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Property sold in Duvernay
I sold
Sonia saved more than $15,000*
Duvernay - March 8, 2020
The experience was good as well as easy tools and support to make your sale easier. Thank you!
Property sold in Gatineau (Hull)
I sold
Lorella saved more than $18,000*
Gatineau (Hull) - March 5, 2020
Would definitely recommend the service to anyone willing to save money. Customer service and knowledge is amazing!
Property sold in Outremont
I sold
David saved more than $44,000*
Outremont - March 2, 2020
Great experience selling with DuProprio. We had several interested buyers within a day of listing.
Property sold in Chateauguay
I sold
Sandra saved more than $19,000*
Chateauguay - March 2, 2020
House sold really fast! Great pictures helped drive popularity, many, many calls!! Helpful information/guide. Everything went smoothly. Thanks!
Property sold in Val-Des-Monts (Perkins)
I sold
Johanne saved more than $25,000*
Val-Des-Monts (Perkins) - March 2, 2020
We ended up having to deal with a bidding war and, wanting to be careful, called for assistance and advice on a few occasions. Every call we made was very pleasant and made us feel like we were DuProprio's only customer. The forms are fairly simple and easy to explain, with straightforward language and minimal legalese. We've used DuProprio before and won't hesitate to use the service again! Outstanding team!
Property sold in Le Plateau-Mont-Royal
I sold
Eric saved more than $27,000*
Le Plateau-Mont-Royal - February 25, 2020
Only you know your property and can effectively sell it to the next buyer in confidence.
Property sold in St-Amable
I sold
Sergio saved more than $23,000*
St-Amable - February 24, 2020
Got an offer in less than 24 hours!
Property sold in Vimont
I sold
Melanie saved more than $24,000*
Vimont - February 24, 2020
We honestly didn't think we would sell our property as fast as we did, considering we had no agent! It took 8 days to sell our property! All the tools are easy to use, paperwork is standard read and fill out. Thanks!
Property sold in Rivière des Prairies
I sold
Guglielmina saved more than $21,000*
Rivière des Prairies - February 23, 2020
Great service, very helpful! I can also help friends sell it themselves... the customer service was exceptional!!
Property sold in Ste-Martine
I sold
Stéphane saved more than $17,000*
Ste-Martine - February 21, 2020
The house sold super fast. DuProprio took great photos!

* When compared to an average commission of 5%, rounded down to the nearest thousand.