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7 mistakes to avoid when holding an open house

Published on June 15, 2020

It’s child’s play to hold a successful open house, so long as you properly prepare for it. We might overlook some details because we live there every day, but potential buyers won’t miss them!

And these might create a false first impression of your property. “You don’t have to be a professional salesperson to hold an open house,” points out Martin Desfossés, real estate coach at DuProprio. “If your property meets the buyer’s needs, it will sell itself.”

1. Leave work unfinished

Does your home look like a construction site? If youwant your property to get the best price and to sell as quickly as possible, it should be at its best as soon as you list it. It’s better to finish all your repair work before visitors come see the home.

2. Push the sale

Remember, it’s the property that has to charm the buyers. Fine speeches won’t convince them. Just give them the essential information and answer any questions they may ask.

3. Cram the closets

Wanting to put things away before a home visit is a great idea. But remember that potential buyers will no doubt want to open closets and cupboards to see what storage space is available. Avoid the embarrassment of having the contents of your closet fall on your visitors’ heads! Clean storage spaces and put things away in their proper places.

4. Neglect your home's exterior

Everything has to be impeccable—inside and out. Clean the grounds and the yard, hide the trash cans and put away the bikes!

5. Keep pets at home

Does the dog get excited when people come to the house? Don’t risk having the dog jump on your potential buyers. You want the people who are visiting in the hopes of buying your home to feel as comfortable there as possible. And it would be unfortunate if they ended their visit because one of them is allergic. The ideal solution is to get animals out of the house before the visitors arrive.

6. Ignore bad smells

Humans have a natural tendency to want to quickly leave any place where bad smells linger. So, be sure to air out your home before your open house. And please, don’t cook hard-boiled eggs or bacon on the morning of the sale, or the night before!

7. Leave valuables lying around

Make sure to put away your valuable belongings and personal documents in a secure location before your open house. You can never be too careful!