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“I hadn’t expected that!” – Suzanne, from Prévost, Quebec

Published on March 22, 2021

Suzanne Francoeur was a little anxious when she put her house up for sale with DuProprio’s services in September 2020. She wanted to sell her place to move in with her partner. With the encouragement of friends, the young retiree was determined to manage it herself, though the idea made her nervous.

She admits she was taken aback by how quick and simple selling turned out to be. She had no sales experience or in-depth knowledge of real estate.

“I was anxious to get started. And, about an hour after I posted my listing online, the calls, emails and texts started pouring in. I was really impressed to see how well the process worked. I hadn’t expected that.”

The suspense didn’t last long for this resident of the town of Prévost in the Laurentians. She accepted an offer within 24 hours. “People think selling a house is a big deal. But in the end, it’s pretty simple with DuProprio’s support.”

Choosing the right buyer

Suzanne knew it was a seller’s market and that’s what led her to sell a few months earlier than planned. The timing seemed perfect. All she needed was to find a person who would take good care of her home, as she had for seven years.

“I wanted to trust the person I sold to,” Suzanne explained. “And things just clicked between me and the buyer. She had already seen the 3D virtual tour and knew she wanted to make an offer even before visiting. Plus, she’d already sold with DuProprio. Getting through the transaction together was pleasant, and two months later, we were sitting in the notary’s office.” Suzanne and her buyer already have plans to get together again once the health crisis subsides.

Never alone during the selling process

As the owner, Suzanne knew she was the best person to talk about her house. And she knew she would save a bundle by selling without an agent. But she had a lot of questions.

“I’d never sold a house before,” Suzanne admitted. “I can’t tell you how many times I called DuProprio [laughs]. And, every time, I was pleasantly surprised by the professionalism, kindness and quick response of the people who offered me guidance when I didn’t know what to do.”

“When I put that Sold sticker on my sign, I was so pleased with myself, I strutted around telling everyone,” she laughed. Since her sale went so well, Suzanne is sure she’ll go the same route when her partner sells his home so they can buy a new place of their own.

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