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Pantone's Colour of the Year 2023 - Viva Magenta Pantone's Colour of the Year 2023 - Viva Magenta

Decorating Trends: 2023’s Top Colours and Styles

Published on January 20, 2023

Trends change and styles evolve. While tastes vary wildly, every year some trends rise to the top in the world of interior design. And in their own way, they reflect what’s happening in society.

Feeling like updating your entire home or just adding a touch of life? Why not dive into this year’s styles? Here’s what we’ll see in 2023.


A world of colour

Who hasn’t spent hours sifting through paint chips for their home? Comparing all the shades, trying to pinpoint the ambiance you want for the room… Juggling an infinite range of possibilities, prevailing trends and our personal preferences, it’s often hard to choose!

Take inspiration from some of the colours that will be popular this year.

Earthy palette

The in colours for 2023 are influenced by environmental concerns and going back to basics. These warm tones, based on things we’d see in nature, are comforting and calming.

You’ll see colours inspired by the blues of the sky or sea, the greens of leaves, and the browns and ochres found in the earth. Our longing for stability, harmony and connection among the planet’s citizens are embodied in milky pastels and gentle grey-toned purples.

This year’s colours thrum with energy and draw inspiration from our planet’s profound beauty and optimism for the future.

The colours of the year

From raspberry and teal to warm white and magenta, here are the colours of 2023 according to several paint makers.

Colour of the Year 2023 - Benjamin Moore / Raspberry Blush

Benjamin Moore chose Raspberry Blush, a bright pinkish coral. It is upbeat, optimistic, charismatic and bold. As a décor element, it adds vibrancy and takes you out of your comfort zone when used in:

  • The dining room, set off against black furniture
  • The living room, with wainscoting in the same colour
  • The bathroom, as a pop of colour for an en-suite or powder room
Colours of the Year 2023 by Sico and Dulux - Melt Water and Vining Ivy

Dulux and Sico have selected Vining Ivy and Melt Water, which both intertwine blue and green. Celebrating the healing powers of water and nature, this teal, or deep turquoise, represents tranquility and calm, and marries the past and the future. To include this colour in your life, use it:

  • On all four walls in a room, for a unified and impressive look
  • On your kitchen island cabinets
  • On your front door
Valspar Colours of the year 2023 (12)

The American paint company Valspar has highlighted a palette of 12 shades to restore and rejuvenate any space. Beautiful and relaxing, these groundbreaking colour trends include Flora (an olive green), Ivory Brown, Gentle Violet and more!

Behr Colour of the Year 2023 - Blank Canvas

Behr decided to feature Blank Canvas as its colour of the year. This warm white invites us to express our creativity freely. Start over with a clean slate: fresh, welcoming and zen. Use it with:

  • Neutrals, earthy tones or pastels, to create a warm ambiance
  • Black, for a dramatic effect
  • Green or cobalt blue, for an uplifting feel
Pantone Colour of the Year 2023 - Viva Magenta

And lastly, the influential Pantone Colour Institute has selected Viva Magenta as the colour of the year. This deep red-purple pink evokes joy and exuberance. Like some of the colours selected by other paint companies, it encourages an optimistic outlook. It is inspired by red cochineal, an elemental dye found in nature.

Which of these colours could you see for your new look?

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Design and decorating trends

Besides the colours of the year, there are also certain design trends that are coming to the fore and gaining popularity. They will affect the look of large items, like couches and counters, as well as the smaller ones, such as vases and dishware. Try these trends for a fresh, modern look!


Seeing societal concerns reflected in interior design has become more prevalent in recent years, particularly because of the green movement, and this is not likely to change any time soon. We are all more aware of the environmental impact of our purchases. In 2023, sustainable items and those made with recycled materials will be in the spotlight, and online reselling platforms like Marketplace and Kijiji will continue to gain users.

Woman repainting a chair yellow to upscale it

Sustainability in design will also be noticeable in the move toward more efficient appliances and greater use of renewable natural materials like cotton and bamboo.

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This year, we will bid adieu to sharp angles and say bonjour to rounded shapes.

With their increased softness, curves are coming back to furniture, doorways, archways in walls, kitchen islands and alcoves. In the kitchen, go for a round table with a spherical lamp. In the bathroom, the bathtub and mirror are great places for rounded corners. And furniture with rounded edges in the living room creates interesting contrasts and encourages relaxation.

Round shapes in a bathroom

Curves will be more than just a decorative element in 2023: they will be the main focus of our living space design.


The timeless checkerboard pattern is back! First seen in royal palaces and Egyptian temples and then entering American homes in the 1950s, checkerboard is being resurrected in a tone-on-tone version. This new more versatile incarnation can be found in rugs, fabrics, accessories and marble-like porcelain tiles. It adds cachet to a contemporary look while injecting rhythm and defining a focal point.

Entrance hallway with chequered floor

Organic finishes

The trend toward organic finishes is perfectly in line with the use of curves and paint colours inspired by our planet. Terracotta and chalk will be popular in 2023, as will ceramic tiles that resemble natural materials.

The combined raw and refined nature of organic shapes and shades is what makes them popular. Incorporating wood, metals, stone and textures will make the look more sophisticated, and their inherent calming effect as natural elements will accentuate the sense of comfort.

Modern living room with organic finishes and tones

Here are a couple of great ways to incorporate organic finishes: add a table made of raw wood or hang artwork featuring nature scenes!

Unexpected yet meaningful objects

In 2023, design aspires to be authentic, and the objects in our home are what will deliver this sense of authenticity. The goal is to incorporate items that represent our true identity. That might be your grandmother’s plate collection, vintage furniture or collectors’ items, or really, any sentimental and interesting accessory that can be added to a room to make it more unique.

Vintage meaningful and unexpected objects in a lving rom

A focus on well-being

With life moving at fever pitch, the notion of well-being becomes essential to our idea of design. Think of transforming your space into an oasis and creating an environment that encourages you to take time for yourself. How this trend is emerging includes mini fridges for storing beauty products in the bathroom, improvements to tweak the temperature more easily and ways to get more natural light. If you have the space, consider creating a special relaxation room or corner in your home!

Woman in an exterior bathtub taking the time to relax

Follow the trends… to a point

Thanks to the internet, we get to see every new trend and idyllic property from all over the world. While it may be tempting to follow the current design and décor trends to the letter, it’s important to make sure you meet your daily needs and have a home that suits your tastes and environment. And following every passing trend can be very expensive! The trick to successfully updating or renovating your home is to focus on the essence of the home and its main architectural elements.

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Lastly, if you’re planning to redecorate or renovate before selling your property, it’s best to turn to conventional, timeless styles that everyone likes rather than choosing the latest thing. You’ll be sure to get a better return on your investment!

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