Getting the most out of home viewing

It is impossible to buy a house without first paying it a visit. This step allows the buyer to make sure the house meets his/her needs. It is also an opportunity to evaluate the home condition, examine each room, determine if work or renovations need to be done, and, of course, to ask the seller any questions. Read on for our top tips for viewing properties for sale.

How to prepare to visit a home for sale?

Before going to a house viewing, the buyer should carefully read the listing information to make sure that the property for sale corresponds to his/her needs. Prepare a property viewing checklist to ensure the home meets your requirements. You can also discuss some important points with the seller ahead of time, such as the anticipated possession date.

Unless you are visiting an open house, you will have to make an appointment with the seller to view the property. Be punctual, and if any scheduling conflict comes up, inform the seller ahead of time.

Arriving early allows you to tour the neighbourhood and view the property’s exterior.

What to do during a house viewing?

Set the right tone with the home seller by being polite and friendly.

When viewing a house for sale, you have the chance to evaluate the property’s potential. The best way to do so is to try to imagine it without its current décor and furnishing. In most cases, the house will be sold without these fixtures.

An effective visit should give you a good idea of the product being offered and help you make a final decision. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the property? Is it in good condition? Does it correspond to you and your family’s needs?

When to call a home inspector?

To get a good idea of the home’s condition (roof, doors, windows, gutters, plumbing, foundation, etc.) you will likely need to call a home inspector. Typically, a passing home inspection is a condition of sale and will happen at a later stage. In the meantime, however, make note of things like mold mold, moisture around windows, cracks, etc. and make a note to check them with the inspector.

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After the visit

Once the visit is completed, the buyer can take some time to consider. Before making an offer, you can call the seller back to clarify some questions or ask for a second visit.