9 bedrooms
Lot dimensions 8 794.11 ft² (817 m²)

Owners’ comments

Automated translation

Hostel with 9 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and a kitchenette accessible to customers. It is located very close to the sea, various tourist attractions, shops, shops, pharmacies, food markets, restaurants and schools. The wooden ceilings of the Auberge Borérale will charm you. It also has a terrace with sea views. A large gallery covers the front of the building. The Auberge is next door to a snack bar. It is set back from the street so it is a very quiet place. Recognized in various international tourist guides such as Le Routard, Lonely Planet



1- Anticosti at Unesco

2-Marine Park in Minganie

3-New York Times- Some of the best places to visit

4-Link Maritimes Gaspésie-Anticosti-Minganie

5-Discoveries of numerous minerals

6- Become a relay village

1.1 -The Auberge Boréale is located in the heart of Minganie, a region currently in full swing. Indeed, the island of Anticosti has just joined UNESCO. Easily reachable from the Auberge Boréale (Havre-St-Pierre), Anticosti Island is certainly worth a visit before or after a stay at the

Auberge Boréale.

2.1 -In addition, government authorities have announced the creation of a marine park between Anticosti Island and the Mingan archipelago. This project will undoubtedly attract many tourists to the Auberge Boréale


3.1 -Importantly, Minganie was classified on January 15, 2024, by New York Time Magazine, as a must to visit under the title 52 places to visit in 2024. This will certainly make many people want to come and take a tour of the region and, at the same time, to take advantage of the accommodation services of the Auberge Boréale.

4.1 -A maritime link between Gaspésie and Minganie is currently under discussion, which will motivate some to cross the shore to come and discover the Lower North Shore and sleep at home.

5.1 -The discovery of many important minerals in the region, such as titanium, nickel, copper, scandium and vanadium, will surely help the development of the region in the very near future.

6.1 -The municipality of Havre-St-Pierre is also targeted in order to officially become a relay village thus attracting new visitors. In short, the Auberge Boréale, whose reputation is well established, will be even more popular with many tourists in the coming years, and for a long time to


Complete Description
Complete Description

Property features

Asking Price
With equipment
Year of construction
Number of commercial units
Building dimensions
2 152.78 ft² (200 m²)
General condition
Certificate of Location
Number of parkings
Auberge Boréale Enr.
In operation since
Municipal evaluation's date
Building's municipal evaluation
Lot's municipal evaluation
Annual incomes


  • Wooden dunnage

External facing:

  • Wood

Floor coverings:

  • Linoleum


  • Asphalt shingle


  • PVC

Heating source:

  • Electric

Electric system:

  • 200 amps


  • Laundry room
  • Kitchen
  • Fire Detector
  • Outside Sign
  • Stove
  • Bathroom
  • Municipal Services
  • Alarm System

Near Tourist Services:

  • National Park
  • Airport
  • Port / Marina
  • Car Rental


  • Underfloor space


  • Windows
  • Roof

Parking / Driveway:

  • Outside
  • Crushed Gravel


  • Sand


  • Near park
  • Residential area
  • Close to all services

Lot description:

  • Flat geography
  • Ocean view
  • Beach access

Near Commerce:

  • Supermarket
  • Drugstore
  • Bank
  • Financial institution
  • Restaurant
  • Shopping Center
  • Bar

Near Health Services:

  • Hospital

Near Educational Services:

  • Elementary school
  • High School

Near Recreational Services:

  • Gym
  • Sportif center
  • Library
  • Bicycle Path

Complete list of property features

Room dimensions

Storey: Main floor
Dimensions: 4' 8" x 8' 2" (1,42 m x 2,49 m)
Flooring: Other
Storey: Main floor
Dimensions: 5' x 8' 11" (1,52 m x 2,72 m)
Flooring: Other
Bedroom 2
Storey: Main floor
Dimensions: 9' 1" x 8' 11" (2,77 m x 2,72 m)
Flooring: Other
Bedroom 3
Storey: Main floor
Dimensions: 9' 4" x 8' 11" (2,84 m x 2,72 m)
Flooring: Other
Bedroom 9
Storey: Main floor
Dimensions: 9' 7" x 12' 9" (2,92 m x 3,89 m)
Flooring: Other
Storey: Main floor
Dimensions: 9' 8" x 8' 11" (2,95 m x 2,72 m)
Flooring: Other
Storey: Main floor
Dimensions: 14' 2" x 20' 10" (4,32 m x 6,35 m)
Flooring: Slate
Laundry room
Storey: Main floor
Dimensions: 7' 9" x 8' 11" (2,36 m x 2,72 m)
Flooring: Other
Storey: 1st floor
Dimensions: 5' 11" x 9' 9" (1,8 m x 2,97 m)
Flooring: Other
Bedroom 1 (Primary)
Storey: 1st floor
Dimensions: 9' 8" x 8' 11" (2,95 m x 2,72 m)
Flooring: Other
Bedroom 4
Storey: 1st floor
Dimensions: 9' 8" x 9' 7" (2,95 m x 2,92 m)
Flooring: Other
Bedroom 5
Storey: 1st floor
Dimensions: 8' 6" x 9' 9" (2,59 m x 2,97 m)
Flooring: Other
Bedroom 6
Storey: 1st floor
Dimensions: 9' 7" x 7' 10" (2,92 m x 2,39 m)
Flooring: Other
Bedroom 7
Storey: 1st floor
Dimensions: 8' 5" x 9' 9" (2,57 m x 2,97 m)
Flooring: Other
Bedroom 8
Storey: 1st floor
Dimensions: 9' 6" x 7' 10" (2,9 m x 2,39 m)
Flooring: Other

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Inn for sale

1288 rue Boréale

Havre-St-Pierre Côte-Nord

No. 1031300

With equipment
Contact the owner
Contact the owner