Les Constructions Christian Belleau

1150 Brûlotte
Sherbrooke (Fleurimont)  J1E 0C5
License number: 8308-6900-22
Accreditation: Garantie Abritat et GCR

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Constructions Christian Belleau has existed for nearly 20 years. Two decades of existence, challenges, experience and expertise, but also passion, reflection, the constant desire to excel and the perpetual desire to offer you homes that meet your needs, no matter who you are.

It is at the end of these reflections and of continuous work to want to surpass us that in 2023, Constructions Christian Belleau became Belleau, Heritage Builder. The same team, the same passion, the same attention to detail and quality, with a new image that will slowly take its place, in perfect synergy with our new vision and corporate mission.

People from Estrie, we want more than ever to be there for you, and not only to sell you a house, but to support you, to advise you, to allow you to access property and to see you become the owner of your Belleau house


Choosing Belleau means seizing the opportunity for a winning investment. Looking forward to meeting you!

Do not hesitate to consult our website at www.belleau.ca or to contact our team of advisors who will be happy to assist you and answer your questions!