Les développements du Lac-Rond inc.

625 rue du Lac-Sartigan
St-Alfred  G0M 1L0

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Lac Rond is one of the most peaceful places, where life is good. Each of our courses has a unique cachet that will please each of you. We have lots for all tastes and at different prices. Whether you prefer a terrain with a more mountainous terrain with a nice slope towards the lake or if you want to opt for a flat terrain, rest assured that you will find the ideal terrain you are looking for in our development. All the land we offer is mostly wooded with hardwood. The soil around the lake is very solid and on several of the grounds, there are magnificent rocks and decorative capes that beautify the landscape. Each piece of land offered with us is extremely large. The smallest lots offered are 43,000 square feet and some can reach 71,000 square feet. Each lot will have to be equipped with an artesian well, to supply drinking water, a pit and a wastewater field that must comply with the standards of the Ministry of the Environment.

This lake resembles a virgin lake in the Far North, will surprise you with its beauty and legendary calm. Moreover, with your house or cottage built on one of our magnificent lots, you are guaranteed to keep the peace so sought by all owners of waterfront land. Because in addition to the already existing laws of the MRC and the municipality, with us, each land sold will be accompanied by a notarial contract, on which, several rules and requirements will be mentioned. will have the same rules to follow as him and all the other residents. For example, any type of boat powered by a gasoline engine will be strictly prohibited. This most important regulation ensures that you maintain all the desired tranquility and a better quality of life and water.