Gestion Fauvel

300 Rocheleau
Drummondville (Drummondville)  J2C 7S7

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Gestion Fauvel is a Drummondville SME, founded by Mr. André Verrier, which has been operating in the real estate field for more than 30 years now. The company, which started very modestly, has undergone several transformations both to follow market trends, but also and above all in order to adapt to the needs of its customers and the general public.

The most important sector of activity to date is the development of residential sites, but for the last ten years or so Gestion Fauvel has specialized more and more in the commercial and industrial sectors. In these areas, the services rendered cover a wide range of aspects, from the representation of owner-developers to the management of construction and administration of buildings.

Thus, it was during 2012 that Mr. Verrier passed the torch to a team of experienced business people allowing the company to expand first by hiring additional staff who, combined with the experience of the founder, made it possible to expand the range of services offered but also by moving to a new place of business for the company. All these actions unequivocally demonstrate the desire of the managers to continue and promote the original mission of the company.