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Spruce up your kitchen in 7 steps

Published on October 10, 2019

When putting your property up for sale, give your kitchen some attention. It’s the most important room for many potential buyers.

Here are some tips on how to best show off your kitchen’s assets.

1. Do a deep clean

This may seem obvious, but remember that the smallest details will get noticed. So, be sure to scrub the faucet, make the countertops shine, wash the floor, dust the range hood and clean the window sills. Everything has to be spick-and-span! Remember, your visitors will be looking at everything very closely!

2. Make room

A kitchen has to be functional. Show off your work surfaces by putting away small appliances (toaster, mixer, microwave, etc.) and other items that can clutter up a countertop.

Also consider reducing the number of knick-knacks and plants in your kitchen. Buyers should be able to assess the available space.

3. Adjust the lighting

A dark kitchen is a sad kitchen. It’s no fun to prepare meals in inadequate light. Make your kitchen inviting by opening the curtains and turning on the lights. Well-angled lighting also lets you spotlight the work surfaces, as well as other attractive features, like a kitchen island, countertop finish or faucets.

4. Make small repairs

Make sure the faucet, garbage disposal, range hood and lights are all working properly. Repair any small holes in the walls, replace missing or broken ceramic tiles and make sure the cabinet doors and drawers open smoothly.

What might seem an insignificant detail to you may well be an irritant to a potential buyer. Remember that by doing this type of maintenance work, you’ll be enhancing the value of your home. 

5. Repaint if necessary

You might not feel like repainting, given that you’ll be moving. That’s completely understandable. Do it only where necessary, if the room needs to be freshened up or if the existing colours are too loud. Remember that your goal is to sell your house as quickly as possible and for the best possible price.

6. Add a few accessories

Some sellers set the table while others decorate with a pretty bouquet of flowers or a bowl of fruit. The goal is to make the kitchen as inviting and attractive as possible. It might be a good idea to invest a few dollars in curtains that match the rest of the room.

7. Control odours

One last detail: make sure your potential buyers have a pleasant visit. Air out the kitchen before they arrive to remove any lingering odours. Better yet, use a bouquet of flowers or a room deodorizer to make the air smell fresh.