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How to sell a house fast

Published on October 30, 2023

There are several reasons why you might need to sell your house fast. Perhaps you’ve inherited a home you don’t want or found a job that requires you to move cities. Whatever the circumstances, there are a few ways to get your property off the market in a hurry.

Let’s explore how to increase your chances of a quick sale!


How quickly could you sell your home?

There are a few factors that can impact the speed of the selling process. For instance, you must consider the state and trends of the current real estate market as well as your property’s market value.

In a buyer’s market, there are more properties for sale than there are buyers. This means supply is high and buyers have a large inventory of homes to choose from. Houses will take longer to sell, and prices will be driven down. However, in a seller’s market, there are more buyers than homes for sale. Supply is low and buyers must compete for a small number of properties. This drives up the purchase price of the home.

You cannot control the type of market you are selling in, but it should certainly inform your sales strategy. If you want to sell quickly in a buyer’s market, you must offer an outstanding product at a competitive price.

To help you figure out your sale price, get to know your property’s market value. This entails researching the current and past selling prices of similar homes in your area. Undervaluing your house can cost you money but overpricing it can lead to months of waiting. To avoid this, consider having your property assessed by an experienced appraiser.

While there are ways to influence a property’s selling time, it’s important to remember that there will always be factors that are not in your control (like the state of the market and interest rates). 

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Set the right listing price

Your listing price influences how many potential buyers you’ll have. If it’s unreasonably high for the property’s location, size, and condition, you run the risk of it staying on the market for a long time. It’s also a mistake to think you can simply reduce the price later. New listings tend to generate a lot of interest, so setting the right price from the start is imperative. You don’t want to waste this kind of exposure by putting off buyers with an overpriced property.

Today, real estate agents and buyers have access to a wealth of information regarding homes and their real value, so it’s impossible to trick them. One strategy could be to sell your house for slightly less than it’s worth as this can lead to and more feet through the door. Another option is to add 2–3% over what you want so you have wiggle room for negotiation.

How does your home compare with properties that have sold in your neighbourhood in the last 30 to 90 days? When you sell your home with the help of DuProprio, you can choose from one of three packages, depending on the level of support and visibility you’d like your listing to receive. Our silver and gold packages entitle you to a directory of sold properties in your area, which will help you set a realistic selling price. You’ll also have access to a team of professional appraisers who can guide you in establishing a fair market value.

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Sell at the right time

Every season has its advantages and disadvantages when it comes to selling a home. While there will never be a perfect time to sell, there are certainly busier periods and slower ones. For example, fall and spring are popular seasons for selling, while transactions seem to die down as the summer or winter holidays approach.

Always keep in mind that regardless of what the weather is doing, there are many elements that will impact how quickly your house is snatched up. The secret is to sell when there is a low supply and high demand for your property type. If you do this, you are more likely to get the highest price the market can offer. Economic factors aside, if there are several comparable homes for sale in your area, your best bet is to ensure your home stands out as much as possible.

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Optimize your property listing

Another way to increase your visibility is by optimizing your property listing. The listing description is an opportunity to showcase your home’s best features, especially those that cannot be captured in photographs.

Remember, you are the expert when it comes to describing your own home, so spend time working on an enticing but accurate description of it. What do you love about it? What first attracted you to it? Which features are worth highlighting? Use these aspects as inspiration while you write. Be sure to use bullet points and short sentences as well as include any selling conditions. If you don’t feel like you can do it justice, hire a professional writer.

Take professional photos

Homebuyers generally start their search for houses online, so it’s crucial to have a property listing with high-quality photos. Improve your curb appeal, make any minor repairs, and then hire a professional photographer to capture your home’s selling points as this will help convince buyers to view it in person. Poor photos featuring dark and messy rooms will only deter buyers from taking a tour.

If you sell your home with the help of DuProprio, you can have 8, 16, or an unlimited supply of high dynamic range (HDR) photos1 to accompany your listing. Depending on the package you choose, you can also include a 3D virtual tour1, which makes your property available 24/7 on our website and in our app. This way, buyers can see the home anytime, anywhere, instantly broadening your market.

Another benefit of including professional photos with your listing is that it saves you time. When there are no images of a home, prospective buyers must take a chance without knowing whether the property is right for them. For example, you might not have a pool and there could be five buyers (for whom this is non-negotiable) who book to view your home. Don’t assume that buyers will do their homework or read the listing properly.

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5 tips to prepare your home for showings

Here are a few ways to prepare your home for those all-important showings.

1. Do any last repairs

Is there anything around the house that you’ve been meaning to fix? What about that curtain rod that needs tightening or the holes in the bedroom wall? If you want your home to sell quickly, this is the time to do any minor repair jobs. Don’t spend a fortune on major changes as you might not get your money back. Rather, focus on obvious issues that can be fixed in a day either by yourself or by a specialized contractor, particularly in the kitchen or bathrooms.

However, if you decide to spend some money, prioritize painting. If your walls are chipped or the colours are a little polarizing, a new coat of paint can do wonders to freshen up your space. Opt for a neutral palette so rooms appear fresh, clean, spacious, and light. It’s difficult to resist a home that looks brand new.

2. Clean your house

Imagine walking into a house where the dishes are piled high in the sink, the floors are dirty, or there’s an unpleasant smell. You’ll most likely want to leave as quickly as possible! You don’t want to lose potential buyers this way, so either clean the house thoroughly yourself before property viewings or hire a company to do it for you.

Areas to focus on include bathrooms (toilets and showers, especially), kitchen counters, appliances, and windows. Remember to empty all bins inside the house and remove any garbage to prevent bad odours from souring first impressions. If you have carpets, think about hiring a carpet cleaning company or renting a machine for a day.

3. Stage your home

Once your house is listed, you need to stay flexible and be open to last-minute viewings and bookings, especially if you want a quick sale. For this reason, keep your home as presentable as possible by ensuring that beds are always made, the kitchen and bathrooms are clean, and the garden is tidy.

Consider renting a storage unit if you need a place to store clutter and personal belongings. Buyers should be able to imagine themselves living in the house, so remove family photos, trinkets, toys, religious or political symbols, and other items that may mark the house as yours. A few neutral art prints could replace photographs but remember that less is always more.  

A storage unit will also hide moving boxes and keep rooms looking spacious and inviting. This is a great opportunity to declutter before you move, too. Don’t make the mistake of thinking you can simply stash things in closets as viewers will open these to check how much room is available. Areas that are cluttered and wardrobes that are overflowing will send a message that your home lacks space.

If you have the funds, consider hiring a staging company that can replace your furniture with items that are more of a blank slate. White linen, simple drapery, sleek furniture, and pared back accessories look professional and could be just what you need to secure a few offers.  

4. Set the mood

Spend time thinking about how you can make the house feel more inviting for property showings. If you were having guests over for a dinner party, you’d likely play soothing background music, light candles, turn lights on where necessary, and have a cheerful fire burning in the hearth (weather permitting, of course!). Why not do the same for potential buyers?

If you have a few viewings booked for the day, do your best to ensure the home is showcased in the best light—literally! Open all curtains, blinds, and shades as natural light instantly makes a home feel warm and welcoming. If there are rooms that seem dark, add a table lamp or two and ensure the windows are clean. You’d be amazed how much light gets in if you wash them properly. 

5. Tackle the exterior

This task will depend on the season you’re selling in, but the point is to make sure viewers have a great first impression of your property. Trim overgrown trees, hedges, or shrubs and remove dead leaves. Plant a few flowers in flower beds or pots and clean the front entrance. Drive past your house during the day and at night to see how it appears to others at different times. Leaving outdoor lights on and watering the garden regularly ensures the house always looks loved and maintained.

Open house visit at a house for sale

Host an open house

When you’re in a hurry to sell your home, hosting an open house (or a few) can have several advantages.

  • It allows you to meet several prospective buyers in a short space of time. Instead of having to schedule multiple showings with different buyers, you’ll get many potential buyers in one day.
  • It can attract people who otherwise might not have viewed your property. Sometimes open house visitors are people who just happened to drive past! For this reason, it’s useful to place numerous signs outside so your house is clearly visible.
  • Potential buyers generally feel more relaxed in an open house setting, and it gives you an opportunity to gauge the market through casual chats. You might get some valuable feedback about your home or asking price.
  • It could lead to a faster sale. When visitors see several other people viewing your home, they may feel the urgency to make an offer sooner rather than later. They might also offer more than originally planned to ensure they get the house over other buyers.

Do you need help selling your property quickly? Our customer service advisors are available to assist you seven days a week. Speak to a member of our team by calling us at 1-866-387-7677.

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1. According to the package selected. Not available in Abitibi-Témiscamingue, North Shore, Gaspé, Northern Quebec, and some Mauricie, Laurentides and Charlevoix locations. In these regions, photos are supplied by the client, up to the maximum number designated in each package.