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Invest the same amount of time and keep your money

When you sell your home, you have to invest a minimum amount of time, no matter how you sell it. The advantage of selling with DuProprio is that the time you invest pays off.

Owners are, of course, responsible for the indoor and outdoor maintenance of their home, but they also have to make sure the price is right and competitive. They also help market the property by sharing the listing with contacts and on social media.

“Buyers tend to look for homes for sale on real estate websites like DuProprio,” says Martin Desfossés, a real estate coach at DuProprio.

“If you market a property well, you then just wait for a buyer to come along—the same as a broker does.” 


The photos and description on a property listing generally attract the right visitors. By asking a few questions, you can then find out whether someone is serious about buying and whether your home meets their needs. These few minutes of your time will avoid fruitless visits and therefore save you time.

“If everything is okay, you can agree on a time for a visit that suits everyone,” explains Martin. “Visiting times are never imposed. Serious buyers will always wait to visit a property they’re interested in. After greeting visitors, let them walk around and ask questions.”


Take the opportunity to explain how you set the price. If the buyer likes the home and accepts the price, all that’s left is agreeing on the terms of sale. We negotiate every day, sometimes without realizing it. But do we always agree? No. So, it’s just a question of waiting for the right buyer.

About 30 hours

Many people think that selling by yourself, rather than with a broker, is more time-consuming. But anyone who decides to sell has to invest a minimum amount of time for all of the above steps. 

In a survey conducted by the firm Harris Decima*, Canadian owners said they put about 30 hours into selling their home, with or without a broker.

“When owners sell with an assistance company like DuProprio, they’re supported throughout the process,” explains Martin. “The big advantage here is that they’ll keep 100% of their home’s market value.” 

*Survey conducted by Harris/Decima of 1004 Canadians, between August 25 and 29, 2011. Its margin of error is +/-3.1%, 19 times out of 20.