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Our team is at your side to help you market your property

The measures taken by the government authorities to flatten the curve in the COVID-19 crisis have forced a number of industries to adapt quickly to a changing reality.

There are all sorts of reasons why some people do not have the choice to move forward in their buying or selling process: they have accepted an offer to purchase on another property, they expect delivery of a new build shortly, they did not renew their lease, etc. At DuProprio, our actions have been guided by two questions from the beginning :

  1. What will happen to Quebeckers who have to keep putting properties on the market or shopping around during this crisis?
  2. How can we meet this need while respecting government guidelines and while ensuring our employees’ and customers’ safety?

There for you, from our homes

“In line with the government’s approach for its deconfinement plan, which asks that businesses prioritize telework, almost all of our employees are working from home,” explains Marco Dodier, DuProprio president. “This includes our service teams and our experts who support our clients on a day-to-day basis. Rest assured that our clients have always continued to have access to our appraisers, coaches, notaries and advisors and that they have maintained the same level of high-quality service as before, and with the same dedication.”

Safe initial meetings

As soon as our representatives were back on the road, they have received very clear guidelines on the hygiene measures to follow during their visits to our clients’ homes.

In accordance with the guidelines issued by the public health department, all our representatives wear a mask and eye protection (visor or goggles) to limit the risk of spreading COVID-19. Their devices and work tools are disinfected before and after every meeting; they have hand sanitizer with them; and will maintain a distance of 6 feet (2 metres) from our clients at all times.

Our watchword: Follow the guidelines

Since the start of the crisis, DuProprio has made it its duty to understand the instructions issued by the authorities and to take the necessary measures to follow them.

“For that matter, we recommend that our clients talk to buyers by phone, email or video call, before even considering holding a visit,” says Marco Dodier. “The virtual tours available on our website are extremely helpful right now. Our priority is to keep respecting the guidelines and to take full advantage of technology to benefit everyone—as we’ve always done!”

Our benefits: More timely than ever

We’re also conscious that many Quebec households will face financial issues in the coming months. We’re convinced that DuProprio can, more than ever, make a real difference in the lives of these families.

“A real estate broker’s commission can mean tens of thousands of dollars that don’t end up in homeowners’ pockets,” concludes Marco Dodier. “Selling with DuProprio means there’s no commission to pay. And that’s a very important benefit in a context where every dollar counts. We are also pleased to offer payment facilities for those who wish to use our services in these more difficult times.”

Do you have any questions? Contact a member of our team at 1-866-387-7677 or learn more about our services by watching this informative video.